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Firmware Update

Yongnuo YN450M 4G Mirrorless Camera to be Announced Soon

We all know that Yongnuo YN450 4G camera was limited to China, now again Yongnuo is planning to announce a successor of their Yongnuo YN450 4G Mirrorless camera. The first set of images of the upcoming camera is now available, take a look at the pics of the camera

More set of images here

The full specs haven’t been announced yet, although I would suspect it’s largely the same as the original YN450, except for the lens mount.

YN450M 4G camera with a Micro 4/3 bayonet mount has a 4/3 standard sensor ( possibly the same 16 Megapixels same as of it’s predecessor). Yongnuo company produces only one Micro 4/3 standard lens, which means that with the new product you can use the “native” autofocus optics. As well as compatible with other M4/3 format lenses.

YN450M Possible Specification

  • 16 MP M4/3 CMOS Sensor
  • M4/3 Lenses Lens Mount
  • CDAF [Contrast Detect AF System]
  • .4k 30 fps video
  •  Android Pie OS
  • GPS module
  •  headphone jack
  •  memory card
  •  Full HD touchscreen
  • 4G/3G data network and WiFi
  • Dual mic for stereo sound
  • 3.5mm mic jack
  • Large 4000 mAh battery
  • Simple and easy operation
  • Dual LED flash
  • RAW support

We will update you soon as we get any new information

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Reason Behind the Unknown Shipping date of ZEISS ZX1 Camera


tnc exclusive content: We are getting lot of queries related to the shipping time of Zeiss ZX1 camera. Users are asking – Why still the shipping date of the camera isn’t clear yet, and when the shipping of ZX1 will start ?

Zeiss ZX1 Camera Spotted at Bluetooth certification agency

We were surprised when today we have spotted the Zeiss ZX1 camera at wireless certification agency.

In general camera company first register its camera at Wireless certification agency and after 3 to 4 month they officially announce the product into the market. But, that’s not in the case of ZEISS ZX1 Camera.

Zeiss announced their ZX1 camera back on Sep, 28 2018. But, at that time Zeiss made only few protypes to showcase their products to different media outlets and professionals. I am not able to understand the way Zeiss team is working, since it’s a kinda un-professional way to announce a camera publicly without being prepared for its official announcement. It will only create unconditional delay between the announcement time and shipping time of the camera, and that’s Reason Behind the Unknown Shipping date of ZEISS ZX1 Camera.

As I always say, if the Zeiss ZX1 camera surfaced today at wireless certification agency then you can expect its availability from August of 2019.

We will update you soon as we get any new information.

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Nikon France Confirms they are Working on Next Gen of Compacts


While talking to “Chasseurs d’Images” French Mag Nikon France President confirms that Nikon is working on next generations of compacts to compete against smartphones.

Take a look at the main points of the interview

  1. Nikon did not stop producing the 810 camera

I feel the first point is bit doubtful since major retails outlets (B&H Store, listed S810c camera as no longer available

2. Nikon has plenty “good quality sensors”

They do have good contact with third-party sensor maker(s) And at the same time we agree that DXO Lab DSLR test score tables are dominated by Nikon DSLRs.

3. Nikon is set to announce new products soon

Yes, of course we do know that Nikon D810 is coming at end of July and Nikon D610 replacement is also expected in next few months.

4.  They are working on a small camera to compete with smartphones.

I think they should also allow 3G/4G calls from smartcamera, then only it can compete witth smartphones.

5. Nikon will not quit the camera business and they are spending a lot of money on research and development.

They should

6. Regarding the Nikon D820, an excellent advice to everyone: “Mais il vous faudra encore un tout petit peu de patience pour avoir plus de details!” (You must have a bit of patience for more details)

7. Regarding Coolpix camera: “R&D effort is geared toward markets with the greatest potential, which is the reason for significantly reducing the Coolpix product line”

8.Regarding 100th anniversary: “As for all good celebrations, let us keep the moment of surprise!”

After reading the interview I feel that Nikon is Alive and kicking, they are working hard to bring back compacts camera glory back to camera industry.

We will update you soon as we get any new information.

Also see – Nikon D820 / 850 Coming in July 2017

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KODAK EKTRA - Photographers Smartphone


Kodak announced new Photographers smartphone named Ektra. Let’s do some research. The Ektra camera was actually a film camera introduced  back on 1941.

According to Kodak the new Ektra is a photography focused Smartphone. And yes it’s actually true to some extent.\Kodak really done a lot of work to design the control and interface of the Smartphone that resembles with today’s compact camera. As you can see the image the Smartphone features physical jog dial button where you can select the type of mode you want, including Manual where you can select exposure, ISO, focus, white balance and shutter speed.


The camera isn’t anything like Nokia lumia 1020 or highest rated Google pixel Smartphone. The module inside the Kodak Ektra is Sony IMX230 camera module used by Xperia Z4 Smartphone (Announced on May 26, 2015). The IMX230 camera module features 21-megapixel (MP) main camera with f2.2 aperture lens and 192 AF points for Fast Auto focusing and built in HDR recording capabilities.

As far as I know the same camera module is being currently used on Lenovo Vibe X3, Motorola Moto X Style.

The specification of the Smartphone is really impressive since it’s features MediaTek Helio X-20 10-core processor, On the rear side of the Smartphone we have 21 MP camera as we have discussed earlier and on

a 13MP front-facing camera, 3,000mAh battery, 3GB RAM, 32GB in-built storage, and a USB Type C charger. It will ship with Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Upcoming Android Smartphones will Automatically Remove Reflections and Obstructions

Android-smartphone-imageThe researchers of MIT and Google have done a tremendous job; they are really dedicated towards their research and succeeded to develop a technique for removing undesirable reflections and obstructions from photos. The method uses a very clever technique, the camera will ask you to move your hand while taking the shot and it will take multiple images, from the multiple shots it will create a final shot by implementing new algo, the new algo will detect the fence or Obstructions punched into one image by removing the fence and putting subject into focus.

All this done with the help of newly developed algorithm developed by the researchers of MIT and Google. The Algo automatically searches for near and far subjects by utilizing the parallax effect and once the subject is identified they can be separated and obstructions.

We will soon see android smartphones camera with such feature OR google can update the camera app in next few months with this new algo, stay with us and get regular updates. Take a look at the video.

Optical Zoom Coming to Smartphones

Another BIG nail in the compact coffin, DynaOptics successfully developed a method to add optical zoom lens inside the smartphone camera module without increasing its size, but new technology needs more R&D before it adopted in large sacle, so it’s not coming too soon.

Samsung-K-zoom-camera But Samsung already manages to compress a large 10X optical zoom lens in ultra compact size, Ulocked version available at Amazon

Smartphone’s camera image quality, resolution and sensor size has improved incredibly in the past few years. The credit for this advancement goes to the manufactures of the smartphone companies who are spending billions of money in R&D of technology and due to this dedicated development in the present time smartphone image quality can overcome the quality of pictures produced by several consumer level compact cameras.

Leading lens manufacture company “DynaOptics” wants to add  optical zoom technology that would fit into even the very slim bodies of smartphones. s. To achieve this, DynaOptics does away with the conventional zoom setup, which involves lens elements moving along the optical axis to change focal length. Instead, it uses a new system that achieves the same effect with aspherical lens elements moving laterally on a micron-scale.
However presently the technology exists in only prototype format and the next task for DynaOptics would be to miniaturize it further and get it ready for mass production . The mass production will start probably by the first quarter of 2015, hence it is possible that people may see apple iPhone Plus 2 with optical zoom in 2016.


Get DSLR Type Background Blur From Your Android Smartphone


Its a new trend in digital photography coming “shoot first and focus later”, the technology first introduced by Lytro in its light field camera (see at Amazon) after that Nokia introduced it re-focus app for windows phone, HTC also joined the force by announcing HTC M8 smartphone and finally google introduced “google camera app” the features DSLR type shallow depth of field and bokeh effects, however the app is currently limited to very high-end android OS based smart devices.

The app virtually simulate different aperture sizes to achieve desired bokeh effect, so theoretically  now a smartphone can do everything for you just like a DSLR..
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