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Firmware Update

Sony A7S III to feature 15MP Square Pixel Sensor

According to a latest rumor surfaced over the web, the upcoming Sony A7S III camera may use Sony recently developed IMX 521 CQR sensor. The Sony IMX 521 CQR sensor uses color square pixel array architecture. With the help of CSPA ( color square pixel array) the camera capture 15.36MP Still shots and features excellent high-sensitivity mode. When used used in normal mode the sensor split-up it’s photosites further making it a 61.44MP Quad Bayer Sensor.

The final output pixel size is 7.52μm, which makes the four photosites into one pixel as you can see from the image.

If the rumor is true than Soy A7S III will arrive with Ultra-sensitive (15.36 MP Sensor) and standard shooting mode (61.44MP Sensor)

So, we will have a big improvement compared to Sony A7S II camera in terms of resolution on standard mode of shooting. Sony A7S III will give output in 4K/60p @ 12bit and is likely to be recorded at 10bit in-camera. Stills shooters will have the ability to use 14bit sensor data for the best dynamic range.

As we always say, take with a grain of salt.

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Source EOSHD

Sony A7S III Image Leaked, Announcement Soon

We are not so sure about this since the image isn’t very clear. But, as you can see the design of the camera is bit un-usual and big compared to other A7 Series camera. That clearly indicates it’s a new Sony camera and most probably Sony A7S III.

We already have a 6K capable Panasonic S1H camera @ $3,997 at B&H.The only issues a filmmaker will face while recording video is slightly slow AF compared to Hybrid AF system based cameras.

More Images

Update on Sony A7S III Rumor

Based on the latest set of information we have the surfaced Sony A7S III camera images are fake. And at the end the rumor mill who published the images also accepted the the fact that these are altered images.

We will update you soon as we get more information.

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Sony A7S III to feature 15MP Square Pixel Sensor



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Source SAR

Sony A9 II First Leaked Image

We have told you earlier that Sony A9 II is coming on October now we have the first leaked image of the camera, thanks to rumor mills. Although the image is only of rear side and we are not able to notice and big change in the design of the camera. According to the latest rumors we have the camera is set to arrive at the end of October 2019.

We will update you soon as we get any new information.

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Panasonic S1H Camera Images and Major Specifications

Panasonic S1H camera finally coming in few hours and it’s world first camera to feature 6K video recording mode at 24fps.
The newly to be announced camera can also features 5.9K video at 30fps (16:9 aspect ratio). As usual being a Panasonic camera it also support multi aspect video shooting.

Panasonic S1H camera is world first camera to record 10-bit 4K and Cinema 4K video at 60fps. Panasonic claims that the Lumix S1H has a wide colour gamut, comparable to its Cinema VariCam cinema cameras.

The camera features 14+ stops dynamic range and you can also record your high resolution 6K videos in V-Log. One of the best thing is the camera do not have any recording limit.

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Panny Pushing Limits with 6K Camera, Canikon Remain Silent ?

With only one image and very limited details Panasonic completed the development announcement of S1H camera.

This camera is industry first FF Mirrorless camera able to record 6k videos at 24 frames per second internally. So, they are pushing up-limits of camera industry limit to a next level, while recording 6K videos Panasonic uses entire sensor area and it also means you can record unlimited amount of 18MP+ files @ 24fps with the new Panasonic S1H camera.

Panasonic S1H camera is hitting out the limits of video industry.

We were expecting 6k video recording options from Sony A7S III camera, at the same time Sony senior manager also hinted that they are creating a camera beyond someone’s expectations. There are several interviews, they clearly tells us that they are creating a 6k consumer level video camera.

18 megapixel stills from Panasonic S1H

Panasonic S1H is also highly capable still camera, since when you are creating a 6k video you are recording 18 megapixel at 24 frames per second. Panasonic S1H camera gives you enormous possibilities to grab the perfect picture which was not what possible with the previous generation of hybrid cameras.

This camera will sure going to help wedding photographers, event shooters to grab a perfect pictures later on while sitting in the editing room.

4K created from oversampled 6k videos

highly detailed 4K video footage from the Panasonic S1H camera at the same time the 4K videos are more stabilized according to Panasonic since they are being oversampled from 6k just like we have in the Sony A7 III, and the Sony A9 camera.

DFD AF System again

The only lag you can find about this camera is DFD AF system which is typically based on contrast based AF system. It do need a good amount of light to lock AF quickly otherwise the AF lag is noticeable.


Before Sony A7S III Announcement

But just before Sony A7 III announcement, Panasonic grabbed all the limelight by doing development announcement their flagship video oriented full frame mirrorless camera which uses the L-mount and capture 6k video at 24 frames per second at the same time the camera also features built-in images stabilization system which was absent in the Panasonic GH 5S camera. probably due to the heat dissipation issue Panasonic engineers at that time we are not able to add the IBIS feature inside the Panasonic GH 5S camera.

Now what about Sony ? We are sure that Sony A7S III camera will have Hybrid AF system with super accurate and fast Eye AF as we have seen inside A7III camera integrated with 6K video recording capability. At the same time Sony will also push low-light limit and this time we do expect they will cross up the ISO 409600 barrier with Sony A7S III.

Canon  should be doing that ? – When we talk about pushing limits

Canon DSLR and Mirrorless camera do not have proper 4K video mode (all suffer from Crop issues and some of them have CDAF AF system in 4K mode). In an interview Canon rep said that they donot want to cannibalize their cinema range of cameras that’s why DSLR and Mirrorless have limited video modes.

BTW, I personally think, they should give all they have to consumers without putting any forced limitation, otherwise Sony and Panasonic will Cannibalize Canon Camera division.

Nikon is giving 100% what they have, I don’t have any complain about Nikon but they should move fast. Nikon announced Z6 and Z7 camera same time without being worried about Z7 low sales, ( Z6  may kill some sales of Z7 due to affordable price tag and more video centered camera). Based on the latest set of information we have they will be soon announcing new Mirrorless cameras and a DX format mirrorless camera with same Z-mount to retain the versatility of the DSLR era.

What you think about Panasonic S1H announcement do share your thoughts with us.

Dual base ISO Coming to Sony A7S III

TNC Exlusive: Dual base ISO coming to Sony A7S III. According to latest rumors surfaced over the web, Sony may implement Dual base ISO at Sony A7S III camera.

From Initial reports, its look like the prototypes of the camera have the Dual Base ISO feature, we do hope that the feature will continue in the production version of the camera.

It’s really a great news for professional filmmakers and serious youtubers if true. Dual native ISO means exactly there are two optimal settings of the camera. So, at native ISO is where Camera Performs best in-terms of SNR (signal to Noise ratio) and Dynamic Range.

Native ISO is actually a saturation point of any camera at which the analogue signal does not need to be modified before it converted into Digital Signal and you get optimal image quality.

So, in Dual base ISO we have two Values first is High Base ISO (ex 2500) and other is low base ISO (ex 500). Increasing the ISO above the lower base number amplifies the output but also increases noise in the image. But when the ISO reaches the higher base ISO, the circuit is switched so the photosites output higher levels without applying the additional gain.

Sony A7S III Specs / hints from Sony

In an recent interview with Sony Kenji Tanaka said

” (A7S II users)They want 4K/60p, 4:2:2 10-bit, and of course more battery power, increased AF accuracy – many things!”

But later in an interview he also added that

dpreview says, Sony’s Kenji Tanaka told us the a7S II successor would be “more than [a7S II users] expect.”

What actually coming inside Sony A7S III ?

Sony very clearly hinting us that upcoming camera have either 6K or 8K video recording options. And as we have published that Sony upcoming A7S III, Sony A7R IV and Sony A9 II camera will have 8K video recording capability. 8K video recording capability doesn’t mean you will get a 8k output, as we know the current line-up of Sony alpha fullframe and mirrorless camera uses 6K videos (Full sensor readout) to create 4K videos.

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Canon C500 Mark II on Horizon [Rumor]

Canon C500 mark II image

According latest rumors Canon EOS C500 Mark II is on horizon, the Cinema camera expected to arrive soon with advance core specs. We do expect higher resolution video with the  Canon C500 Mark II camera.

At the end, it is quite logical to expect 6k video mode and 4K at 120 FPS in the upcoming Canon C500 mark 2 camera but tha’s is our expectation and not information

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