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Sony Working on a Very High-End Mirrorless Camera

Latest rumors surfaced over the web suggest that Sony is working on Very High-End Mirrorless camera. Only very limited Sony staff know about the “secret” camera model. The expected announcement date second half of the financial year.

The camera will redefine core specification of all the present camera and its a “revolution” more than an “evolution” according to the sources of the website.

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1 comment to Sony Working on a Very High-End Mirrorless Camera

  • sensorguy

    The revolution is in fact a new sensor technology doing away with the bayer matrix

    The sensor technology will be Active Pixel Color sampling yielding specifications that are close to a miracle
    I here describe the IMX189AEG sensor chip
    The sensor can exchange Sensitivity, speed and resolution for each other (but not all at the same time)

    -Global electronic shutter
    – 16 Bit Sampling depth required for in up to 21EVs dynamic range! Equivalent to a HDR in just one shot
    – 36000 FPS video mode (and that is no writing error 36k)
    – 16000 FPS in FullHD mode.
    – up to 13.2MP resolution (equivalent to a bayer sensor with 52MP)
    – Format a bit less then APS C (Crop Factor 1.7 – 1.8)

    Some more specs could be seen here:

    This sensor is a revolution but also needs a new imaging processor. No Pixel color interpolation necessary but much faster readout and combination with the sensor / color matrix movement. Also a c camera crucially needs image stabilization because the sensor has to be kept stable while color sampling occurs.
    All is hinting to a new APS sized camera (a7000? or a9000? ) with speed faster than the rx100iV but image quality more in line with a A7R and sensitivity of the A7S (note not mark 2 of these).

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