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Firmware Update

Sony RX100 VII to Use IMX 383 Sensor

We have a good news from Sony semiconductor division, they have announced a new 1inch IMX 383 sensor. The new sensor is 20 Megapixel BSI Stacked CMOS sensor. The sensor features continuous shooting speed upto 50 frames per second at full resolution. Which was not possible with the previous generation of sensor, the previous generation Sony 1 inch sensor where Limited 20 frames per second only.

Sony RX100 VII to Use IMX 383 Sensor

Now we are expecting the sensor to be used with the upcoming Sony RX100 VII camera. The new sensor will allow to capture extreme frame rates at HD and full HD resolutions. And there is also a big possibility that we can get 4K at 60 frames per second with 10 bit output via the new sensor.

New image processor and sensor will sure upscale the Core specification of the sony existing RX 100 series camera to a new level. New sensor and new image processor we will give faster continuous shooting a speed at full resolution, with more broad dynamic range, enhanced low light performance and finally better video recording mode.

Sony RX100 Series Announcement Timeline

Camera Model Announcement
RX100 Jun 6, 2012
RX100 II Jun 27, 2013
RX100 III May 28, 2014
RX100 IV Jun 10, 2015
RX100 V Oct 6, 2016
RX100 VI Jun 5, 2018
Sony RX100 Va July 13, 2018
 Sony RX100 VII  June, 2019

As you can see from announcement timeline of Sony RX100 series, Sony refreshes it’s RX100 series camera every year. They skipped the update of RX100 on 2017. But at 2018 we had 2 RX100 series announcement, RX100 Va ( and RX100 VI (amazon | B&H). The possible date of announcement of RX100 VI camera is pointing towards June month of 2019 (only if Sony runs on its traditional schedule).

Stay with us and we will update you soon as we get any new information.

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10 comments to Sony RX100 VII to Use IMX 383 Sensor

  • markus rovi

    wow, that’s great news. I’ve been waiting for a new sensor with better low light performance and a good reach ever since I sold my rx100 m3. The m6 came with the 200mm reach, but was lacking the low light performance and a decent selfie stick for over the crowd shots.

  • Odin

    That sensor’s specs are nuts, 50fps stacked sensor. If they use this we’ll see the price soar, easily be another $200 dearer.

  • Chris Joseph

    I was going buy the VI to upgrade from my III this year, but now I’ll wait for this one!

  • steven

    Pls add vari-angle screen

  • Stella

    Sony leading camera world right now…

  • SonyBEST

    Why not use IMX272? I can afford 2 times of current price.

  • jing nasogawu

    I absolutely love the new sensor, but I own an rx100 m4, so make it worth upgrading:

    1. add a proper battery (2x current capacity)
    2. add a proper grip out of the box. The camera cost already went up by 70% since the m3
    3. bring back the former apps as in-camera features. I want those bracketing, panorama and night photography/videos apps in-camera.
    4. ideally, add a removable lens option. I would love to buy separate equivalent of full frame 24-200 f/2.8-4.5 and a nice 85mm f/1.4

  • jing nasogawu

    PS: add a proper and long selfie stick with button and cabled (no WiFi/Bluetooth b/s wasting more battery):
    – snap photo button
    – trigger video button
    – zoom in/out buttons

    selfie sticks are for more than selfies. there are some amazing photos to be taken from higher up above the crowds

  • Regan

    Sounds good. I only hope Sony finally adds a mic jack this time! If they want to market this as the ultimate portable vlogging cam(which it could be) they have to put in a friggin mic jack! Also…I wish they would go back to the 24-70 lens. I’d rather have the 1.8 apeture & in camera ND filter than the longer zoom. Maybe Sony could offer two versions? One with the big zoom, and the other with the small apeture & ND filter. That’d be great.

  • Boo

    What a load of whoee!

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