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Sony RX100 M2 vs Canon G1X [Updated]

The Sony RX100 M2 vs Canon G1X, the canon  G1X have bigger 1.5 inch sensor and big body size, the RX100 M2 is ultra compact camera and features 1 inch sensor, take a look at the major specification


Sensor: Canon G1X features 1.5inch 14 MP sensor, Sony RX100 M2 newly developed 1 inch 20.2 MP BSI CMOS sensor, the photodiodes of Canon G1X are big compared to Sony RX100 M2 camera , so you get better low light performance with Canon G1X.

ISO: Sony offers more ISO range compared to G1X at expandable mode, but Canon big sensor creates less noise at high sensitivity.

Take a look at the DxO mark test results, the low light performance of Canon G1X camera is better,


But The Low + High ISO test says a different story take a look

Sony-RX100-M2-vs-G1X-KPEG See the Raw Image Comparison Here

Sony RX100 M2 showing sharp details at base ISO, at High ISO both images are almost same, Canon Big sensor doesn’t showing any significant difference.

Lens: Sony zoom lens is limited to 3.6X and Canon offers 4X optical zoom, the aperture range of Sony is better compared to Canon G1X.

Top Continuous speed: The top continuous shooting speed of Sony RX100 M2 is 10fps and Canon is limited to 1.9fps only.

Video: Sony RX100 M2 have better video mode, you get 60fps frame rate while shooting at Full-HD video mode. Canon G1X limited to 30fps only at Full HD video mode.


Display: Sony offers tilted High-res display unit on the other hand Canon offers vari-angle display, personally I like var-angle display.

WiFi: Sony RX100 M2 have Built-in WiFi and NFC technology, No WiFi available in G1X.

Price difference:  Canon G1X available at $600, for Sony RX100 M2 you have to pay $748

Verdict: Sony features Ultra-Slim body that easily goes in your tight jeans pocket + Excellent image quality, we highly recommend you to buy Sony RX100 M2.

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1 comment to Sony RX100 M2 vs Canon G1X [Updated]

  • Silvestro Crino

    Not sure that the GX1 will have better low light results… The rating by DxOMark is only for the sensor…which is bigger and so more sensitive to light…. However, as you say… The RX100m2 lens is 1 stop faster across it’s range and let’s in more light at each focal length… Might be closer the these sensor measurements claim…. Dying to see a real test and comparison of both….

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