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Sony New High-End FF camera Coming in Next Few Months

Sony A7R III sensor

We know that Camera and Photo Imagine Show 2017 is on next month and we are expecting some BIG announcements from Sony from the beginning of Feb 2017. According to latest information the Sony is rumored to announce a high-end mirrorless camera in next few months along-side with Sony A7III camera and new Sony G lenses.

Before we begin, if we believe on a tipster of a reputed rumor mill then we have the following announcement schedule from Sony

Sony Camera to be Announced in 2017

First event
1: New high end FF camera
2: A7 II successor
3: New G master lenses

Second event
4: New consumer camera Lineup
5: A7S II successor

Third event
6: A7R II successor
7: High-end Compact camera

Note: If we divide events in single year then in Q1/Q2 Sony should announce A7II successor + High End FF camera.

New High-end Camera from Sony is expected to announce soon. Just take a look at the rumored specification of the camera that was surfaced a while ago

Sony A7SIII new sensor image

New high end FF (or A9) camera Possible Specification

  • 70-80 Megapixel sensor
  • Improved Image Stabilization
  • They are going to sort out this buffer overflow issue
  • Better HDR whatever that means.
  • Dual XQD card slots [Confirmed]
  • unlimited burst mode till the card last / No buffer limitation.
  • Smaller than Canon 5D Mark III DSLR

The camera is rumored to feature a super resolution sensor and improved image stabilization.

If we look at some old post Sony japan mangers told us that Sony A7R III is coming with a 70-80 MP sensor [source]. So, at the end on thing is very clear that Sony A7R III was the camera to have a 70-80MP CMOS Sensor, if Sony changes the name or series it’s their choice and they are free to do that. But, till April 4th, 2016 A7R III was scheduled to arrive with a high resolution sensor.

Other than 70-80MP rumor is Sony also testing a 54MP FF CMOS Sensor prototype. The detailed specification not available yet.

Sony A7S III Coming with New Sensor

No one is daring to talk about Sony’s next Low Light King specification. We expect Sony will use a completely new sensor based on back-illuminated full-frame sensor technology. The tech will allow Sony increase the resolution as well as ISO sensitivity of the camera upto 3 to 4 stops.

Take a look at the list of Sony upcoming camera | Also look at Sony Camera Timeline

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Source – SAR

8 comments to Sony New High-End FF camera Coming in Next Few Months

  • Randy

    I would be pleased if Sony would add the following to all these upcoming cameras:

    – Side flip/rotating screen like Panasonics
    – Dual SD UHS-II card slots
    – 4K @ 60 fps, 4:2:2 10-bit (to one up Panasonic)
    – No recording limit and NO overheating (overheating is not a good thing, Sony)
    – All weather-sealed (for real, not like the A7S II)
    – Higher capacity battery
    – A phone app like Panasonic that lets you do everything from the phone and have a smooth live view
    – Bluetooth in addition to wifi for auto pairing
    – Headphone and mic jacks that do not interfere with any other functions or doors or tripod mounting

    I know Sony will take care of the rest but as an owner of both Panasonic and Sony cameras, I want it all. Is there some rule that no one is allowed to make one camera that has everything?

  • Equinox

    4D 425 Auto Focus
    DCI 4k 60p
    4:2:2. 10 bit internal
    Dual Card Slot
    LCD like panasonic GH5
    No time limit for recording
    No overheating
    Touch screen with touch focus

    These key feature

  • James G.

    Grab the highest Sony Brass at the event and get an answer from him about the A mount camera the 99II. Because at this point in time it looks as if they were spoofing all of the old Konica/Minolta crowd.

  • rose

    Sony do have Play memory App. The app allow you to control camera from your smartphone.

  • Nelson Elemos

    I dont need that much MP sensor just take the darn AA filter off on the a7III

  • stella

    Sony A7S III Wish List
    1. 20 MP FF CMOS Sensor
    2. Expended ISO upto 819200 / Native ISO upto 204800 (Usable ISO upto 102400)
    3. Hybrid IS II (Like E-M1 MK II)
    4. 4K@60fps and 6K@15fps (Yep Panasonic GH5 consumer base killer)
    5. 15FPS unlimited burst / 12FPS with AF
    6. 1200 Shots Batter Life
    7. Dual Cards / Built-in Cloud storage uploader

  • USB 3.0 or USB C please sony please, we need speed image tranfer
    We, the adverstiser photographer working tethered in mac

  • Randy

    @rose The Sony Play Memories Mobile app (at least on the a5100) is very limited. Shutter and EV only. The Panasonic app lets you do everything you can from the camera like change shooting modes, select focus points by touchscreen, set ISO, aperture etc.

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