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Sony India dominates Digital Still Camera market

Not a good news for Canon and Nikon in India, according to the latest news Sony India dominates Digital Still Camera market with aim to capture 45% share in FY12

Sony India Allocates Rs.50 crore to promote ‘incredible zoom. incredible details’ campaign with Brand Ambassador, Ms. Deepika Padukone

Main points of the press conference

  • Sony Cyber-shot grew 45% (Qty.) in FY11, higher than the digital still camera industry growth rate of 40% (Qty.)
  • Plans to sell 14 lakh (Qty) units in FY12 as compared to 11 lakh (Qty) units in FY11
  • Introduces 34 new Cyber-shot models with at least 16 models with High Zoom feature
  • Allocates Rs.50 crore to promote ‘incredible zoom. incredible details’ campaign with Brand Ambassador, Ms. Deepika Padukone
  • Expands channel network to 3,000 in FY12, up from 2,500 outlets in FY11

 Press Release

New Delhi, April 24th, 2012: Sony India reinforces its No.1 position in the digital still camera market with an aim to capture a very dominant 45% share (Amt.) in FY12. Sony India witnessed a tremendous growth rate of 45% (Qty.) in FY11, beating the industry growth rate of 40% (Qty.), and is therefore very confident of achieving this market share. Sony plans to sell 14 lakh (Qty.) units of these Cyber-shot units in FY12, overcoming its last year’s sales of 11 lakh (Qty.) units. The Digital Still Camera Segment in India stood at 33 lakh (Qty.) units in FY11 and is expected to increase to 42 lakh (Qty.) units by FY12. Sony has launched a slew of 34 new Cyber-shot cameras – H, W and S series, to suit the varying palette of the Indian customers. The introduction of new Optical Zoom and Steadyshot, enhanced Low-light performance and Fast Auto Focus will deliver slimmer designs, bigger zooms, and unsurpassed image and movie quality to users who love taking pictures wherever they go. As part of its marketing strategy, Sony plans to pump in an investment of Rs. 50 crore towards a multi-media brand campaign, ‘incredible zoom. incredible details’ with its Brand Ambassador of two years, Ms. Deepika Padukone. Not only this, Sony plans to increase the counter share to 3,000 outlets, up from 2,500 outlets in FY11 to reach a wider customer base in India.

Mr. Masaru Tamagawa, MD Sony India , Cybershot press coneference

Mr. Masaru Tamagawa, MD Sony India , Cybershot press coneference

Buoyed by the tremendous performance of the Sony Cyber-shot brand in India, Mr. Masaru Tamagawa, Managing Director, Sony India, said,

“We have received a lot of love for Sony Cyber-shot in the Indian market and we will continue to innovate and create, bringing new technology, design and excitement to our customers. The  High Zoom in our new Cyber-shot line-up helps capture exceptional picture quality and great detail, even when zoomed in considerably, thus being an absolute delight to photography connoisseurs.” He added saying, “Sony innovation will continues to drive the world of imaging forward, and ensure that our products will keep breaking new ground and earn customer acclaim.”

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