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Sony Fullframe NEX 7 Rumors

Fullframe-NEX-imageLatest rumors suggest that Sony is currently testing the prototypes of Sony NEX 7 type fullframe camera, the camera is under testing and we don’t have any confirmed date that when it will arrive (during photokina or later)

We already published a post that (Sony Affordable Fullframe NEX Coming on Photokina 2014) the Sony is preparing announce affordable fullframe camera during photokina show, according to the rumored specifications the upcoming camera will arrive with simple NEX5 type design and price will be under $1000.

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3 comments to Sony Fullframe NEX 7 Rumors

  • golfzilla

    A full frame NEX-7 is not a meaningful upgrade. It totally obsoletes a $4000 investment in APS sensor sized lenses. Screwed by Sony. Thanks heaps!

    What I want is: A simple upgrade with a cleaner chip, a few more megapixels, a user menu system that actually had some rational user interface design behind it.

  • golfzilla

    I knew I left something out: wifi output like the NEX-5T.

  • Sony NEX 7 is the best APS-C sensor Camera in the World. I have Owned 5 of these. I have 2 I am using at Weddings Fashion Shows, Beauty Pageants. The Best part is the Fine Image Quality & superb Detail. The battery lasts longer than most NEX’s.
    Its Light & user Friendly. Images look like Medium Format Quality.

    Making NEX 7 Full frame is a great idea as along as the price is around $1000.00 or less. I have 2 Full frame Sony’s also A7rII & A99.
    I am a pro have done over 900 Weddings from Film to Digital. Sony NEX 7 is my Favorite Camera. Used to Work for Sony in the Hi Tech Department.
    Eric Anugraham

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