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Sony A9 vs. A7R II High ISO Test

Sony A9 vs Sony A7R II

I am really disappointed to see the High ISO test result of Sony A9 camera when compared to Sony A7 R2. We can’t raise questions on the test process since that test is done by the DPreview team.

From the test it is very clear that despite of having 2 years old Technology and 2x more resolution the Sony 7r II ISO performance is almost same as Sony A9 which raises the question on capability of Sony engineers.  They have taken 2 years of time and the photo pixels (35.30µm2vs 20.33µm2) of Sony A9 is approx price bigger than the Sony A7 R2. But, despite of that the noise performance of the camera remains same and which is insane.

I was expecting at least 2X better performance than Sony A7RII. But when we I seen the test score then I personally find no reason in picking up Sony A9 camera by paying more price ($2698 vs $4498). Yes, the A9 do have speed but that isn’t necessary to 90% Photographers.

Sony A9 vs A7R II camera

Sony A7R II available at Amazon and B&H

Sony A9 and A7R

ISO 51,200 comparison of a7R II vs a9. Not much difference, though the a7R II does slightly edge out the a9. Normalized signal:noise ratio (SNR) measurements place the two neck-to-neck: 1.82 vs. 1.48 for the a7R II and a9 at the dark patches here, respectively. At ISO 25,600, the normalized SNR is exactly the same. Please click on image for proper 1:1 comparison source dpreview

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4 comments to Sony A9 vs. A7R II High ISO Test

  • Steve

    Not only low light performance the Sony A9 failed to prove its dynamic range against the Sony A7 R2 camera.

    for those who are planning to buy Sony A9 camera will sure going to give a second thought on their purchase.

    But one of the best part of the test is we came to know that is still Sony A7 R2 is one of the best Sony mirrorless full frame camera when we see from features and price Prespective

  • Christoph Reiter

    Sorry guys, ever shot a single picture with ISO 51200??
    Thats not a relevant for real life, i think!

  • bob

    This is kind of deceptive. This doesn’t tell you anything about iso invariance at lower ISOs or long exposure noise. No one is going to actually push the camera up to ISO 51,000. What actually matters is how well dynamic range, tonal depth, color, etc are preserved at ISOs that actually fall into typical use cases, like 1600, 3200, and so forth up to I would say 6400. I don’t think any working professional actually goes over 6400 frequently and certainly never goes anywhere near 51,000. You have to look at this from the perspective of the target audience. These are $4000 cameras, not something that a hobbyist picks up on whim to play around with high ISO shooting.

    Most photographers don’t need 20 fps, but saying that “speed is pointless” is very misguided. Being able to accurately track and shoot subjects quickly is kind of important when you are shooting fast action. I am not sure what the author is talking about.

  • Seezar

    Hi Guys,
    I live to shoot with available light. I would shoot with with 26k or 51k ISO if the result is good. But it is Not. I expectet a back side Illuminated Sensor. This would be Great for shoot with High ISO with less noise

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