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Sony A9 II Coming on September 2019 [Rumor]

According to latest rumors surfaced over the web, Sony will be announcing the Sony A9 II camera this September. Keep in mind that Canon and Nikon is also rumored to announce flagship DSLR (Canon rep. confirmed  High-end FF) camera Just prior to Olympics 2020. To flush-out Canikon announcement Sony is also expected to introduce flagship fullframe Mirrorless camera with class leading features and affordable price tag than of flasghip fullframe DSLRs.

Also see – Sony A9 II, A7S III and A7R IV to Feature 8K Video Recording Capability

Take this rumor with grain of salt for now.

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1 comment to Sony A9 II Coming on September 2019 [Rumor]

  • I.Muñoz-Seca

    With the new development of the avant-garde a9 of Sony with its new and revolutionary CMOS-BSI by the end of the year, you can now put the NiCd batteries to Canon and Nikon. To not be overtaken not light years, but light eons, they will have to present some evolutions of the D1X2 and the D5 unthinkable. They really have it very difficult, not to say impossible. The parallel universes exist.

    Con el nuevo desarrollo de la vanguardista a9 de Sony con sus nuevos y revolucionarios CMOS-BSI para finales de año, ya se pueden poner las pilas de NiCd a tope Canon y Nikon. Para no verse sobrepasadas no años luz, sino eones luz, van a tener que presentar unas evoluciones de la D1X2 y de la D5 impensables. Realmente lo tienen muy difícil por no decir imposible. Los universos paralelos existen.

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