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Sony A7s vs Sony A7 vs Sony A7R

Sony A7s vs Sony A7 vs SonyA7R, The Sony A7s is a newly announced camera and features step-up core specification compared ti A7 and A7R, First image and size comparison – The Sony A7s look similar in design and size compared to well as A7R is also exactly same as A7s …


Finally the specification comparison…


The Sony A7s sensor is optimized to perform very well during low-light situation, take a look at the detailed ISO range of all three sensor,

  • Sony A7R –  Standard ISO Range 100-25600 (Extended Mode: 50-25600)
  • Sony A7 –  Standard ISO Range 100-25600 (Extended Mode: 50-25600)
  • Sony A7S –  Standard ISO Range 100-102400 (Extended Mode: Auto, 50-409600)

Sony A7s has very broad standard + expandable ISO range, A7s highly recommend for still shooters.

No-Optical low pass filter in A7R – Sony A7R doesn’t have low pass filter and features a super 36 Megapixel resolution, So if you work in controlled light environment aka studiography than A7R is perfect for you

Advance AF system in A7: Only A7 features phase + contras based AF system with 117 AF points, Sony A7s and A7R share same contrast based AF system.

4K: The Sony A7s features Full Pixel Read-Out of FF sensor with Clean HDMI Out for 4K Recording , you can record 4k at 30 fps, Full HD @ 60 fps and HD videos @ 120fps..

Verdict: A7s is highly recommended for video lovers as well as still shooters. For sports shooters we recommend you to go with A7, at the end A7R recommended for studiography.

Sony A7 w/ 28-70mm lens – $1,998.00 – Amazon | B&H

Sony A7r @ $2,298.00 from Amazon | B&H


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