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Sony A7S III OR Sony A9S Coming on October 18, 2017

Sony A9S

We have told you that Sony next major announcement is on 18 Oct, 2017. Now  according to latest rumors surfaced over the web Sony is rumored to announce Sony A7S Mark III OR They will extend the Sony A9 series camera with a New “Sensitivity” version, that is Sony A9S. The camera is rumored to features excellent core specification, its video specs will literally kill the Panasonic GH5 camera.

If this rumor is true then Why Sony is ignoring A7II update is a big question, may be Sony wants A7II (Full HD) user to get the Sony A9 camera. BTW, We have received information in past that trim-down version of Sony A9 is coming under A7III name with affordable price tag, still the announcement time of the camera not confirmed yet.

Update 19/Oct/2017

Nothing Announced on October 18 ?

Yes, this time even reputed rumor mill failed (see here). One of the highest rated rumor gone completely wrong this time. I am getting over 100 of emails, FB massages and all that, people asking what the hell happen to Oct 18 ? So this is your answer, I am not who shouted Oct 18 date.

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3 comments to Sony A7S III OR Sony A9S Coming on October 18, 2017

  • Cesar

    If Sonys’ idea is to replace a7 range with a9 (which could make sense), I’m still to understand what the entry level FF camera will be, and how much will it cost, because just the a9 is too much for the enthusiast.
    I’m just saying that the a7ii is as old as my a6000 and beautiful things happened at the sensor level after that release…
    Anyways, I’m crazy to know what will they announce in the next October 18th.

  • Andy

    It’s really great news that Sony will going to soon announce A9S camera.

    I was expecting this from Sony from a long time, but as they always do they forget to update the previous versions of the camera.

    just like did the previous Alpha series DSLR, then the slow down the updates of assertive camera now no one knows when the next update of A77III is coming or maybe A 65 will going to have a update or not, similarly now they are ignoring in the update of Sony A7II camera

  • Morris

    So… what is it?

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