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Firmware Update

Sony A7S III Camera Before October 2019

According to latest version for Sony A7 SIII camera arrive before October 2019. Information is coming from the trusted sources of veteran rumor mill, the camera will carry a newly developed stacked CMOS sensor. [this is not the first time we have received this information, check here]

Not only Sony, Canikon Also Preparing for Flagship Announcement

As we all know Canon and Nikon also preparing for their flagship products, We are expecting Canon 1dx Mark III and Nikon D6 announcement just before Olympics. So, there is a possibility that Sony will also going to announce one of its best camera just before DSLR makers flagship product announcement to flush out their announcement.

Sony A7S III Specification hints from Sony

Sony representative told us during the interviews that they are working hard on Sony A7S III camera to go beyond customer expectations. Take a look what they said.

In an recent interview with Sony Kenji Tanaka said

” (A7S II users)They want 4K/60p, 4:2:2 10-bit, and of course more battery power, increased AF accuracy – many things!”

In past we have also received leaked the specification hints of the upcoming Sony A7S III camera you can check it out here.

See more rumors about Sony A7S III camera

Based on the rumors we have received in past, Sony is A7S III will carry Dual Based ISO for the first time in Sony Mirrorless camera and other rumors suggest some initial prototypes of  Sony A7S III camera doesn’t have 30min recording limit.

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1 comment to Sony A7S III Camera Before October 2019

  • Dave Haynie

    There is absolutely no good reason anymore for a 30 minute recording limit. There used to be one good reason: the chip overheats.

    The bad reasons that persist:

    1) The European camcorder tax is dodged by a 30 minute limit, so we’re going to impose that on the whole world, despite the fact we have separate European, North American, and Asian versions of the same model.

    2) We’re intentionally crippling this model so you’ll buy something more expensive (or a Panasonic) if you need longer video runs.

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