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Firmware Update

Sony A7R IV Visited DXO Mark

Despite the increased resolution of the α7R IV has maintained a great dynamic range, very good color reproduction, and very low noise. Although it has not surpassed low-pixel rivals in terms of performance, specifically I am talking about Sony A7R III, Nikon Z7.

    α7R IV     α7R III     D850      S1R        Z7    
Overall Score
(total sensor score)
99 100 100 100 99
Color Depth
(color reproduction range and separation)
26 26 26.4 26.4 26.3
14.8 14.7 14.8 14.1 14.6
Low-Light ISO
highest ISO sensitivity that can be tolerated by DxO standards )
3344 3523 2660 3525 2668

The α7R IV sensor has been greatly increased in pixel count, but as far as the DxO score is concerned, it does not affect the dynamic range or high sensitivity, and seems to continue to maintain top-class performance.

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source DXO

2 comments to Sony A7R IV Visited DXO Mark

  • Howard

    Is this the same DXO Mark that declared their little One Plus camera that plugged into an iPhone as the best of all “sports cameras”? ….The same DXO Mark that put a couple of Sony point-and-shoot cameras over all the Hassleblads for “portrait” work? ….Is this the same DXO Mark that many of us hold in such total contempt — until they agree with us?

  • I.Muñoz-Seca

    According to this list today, the first Canon is in 25th place discounting of course the Hasselblad and the Pentax 645z. CANON for when a CMOS-BSI ¿…??

    Según esta la lista a día de hoy, la primera Canon la encontramos en el puesto 25 descontando claro está la Hasselblad y la Pentax 645z. CANON para cuando un CMOS-BSI ¿…??.

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