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Sony A7R IV Not Coming Soon

From past few weeks we are getting a lot of questions related to the Sony A7R IV camera, several readers are asking the same questions, is it safe to buy the Sony A7R 3 camera now. Let me tell you that it is completely safely to buy the Sony A7R 3 camera now. Because if u look at the announcement dates of the Sony A7R series camera, we still have one year left for the next update of Sony A7R III . The Sony A7R III camera was announced back on February 2018.

And if you look at the previous announcement date of A7R series camera, then you will find that Sony do maintain at least 1 + years of gap in announcing the megapixel Monsters.

Sony A7R Series Camera Announcement Timeline

Camera Name Announcement Date Price
Sony A7R October 2013 $1848
Sony A7R II June 2015 $1998
Sony A7R III Oct 2017 $2624
Sony A7R IV 2019

Sony A7R IV Expected Core Specs

Based on the rumors we have received in past via veteran rumor mills that Sony is working on 70-80MP sensor. So, we may see A7R IV camera with a super High resolution sensor and ability to capture 6K Videos. Well, Recording 6K video isn’t a big issue for Sony A7 series camera, because recently announced Sony A7 III camera that records videos at 6k resolution and then it down-sample it to make a High Quality 4K video with more details. So, Sony A7 series already have it and 6K isn’t a new thing for Sony.

Sony A9R Before Sony A7R IV ?

Well, that’ a big possibility. We, have seen Sony first announced the Sony A9 camera even when the A7II update was overdue and approx 1 year after the announcement of Sony A9 camera, Sony announced the trim-out version of Sony A9 camera. The Sony A7III while having almost same core specification as of Sony A9 will cost you $2K less than the Sony A9 camera.  It’s a clear indication that Sony wants to reach more people and at the same time they also want to make some profit and dominate Fullframe camera market by lowering down the cost of High-end cameras. So, it is also possible that this Year we may see Sony A9R camera and a year after we will have a trim-out version of the flagship, Sony A7R IV.

What is specifications you want to see inside the Sony A7R IV camera. Do your thoughts and wish list with us.

We will update you soon as we get any new information, stay with us (FACEBOOK | TWITTER | GOOGLE+) If you have time –> see more Sony Rumor

8 comments to Sony A7R IV Not Coming Soon

  • pedr davis

    It is always “safe” – unless buyers are *more* concerned with “having the latest model” and whatever so-called “status” that gives buyers, than they are with actually making images.
    I buy a camera for the last reason and try to get VALUE out of by using it a reasonable length of time.
    Not so most people these days. It’s just G.A.S. in the extreme – nothing to do with photography at all. Like those iphone users that stand in line.

  • admin

    @pedr davis


  • Odin

    Do we really need a story saying the A7R4 is not coming soon and who is stupid enough to think it is in anyway going to be updated so soon after release.

    Only camera I care about them releasing is he A9 II.

  • Ishmita

    Sony will wait, as they usually do. Once the sales vol of A7 III goes down they will announce A7S III… and after 8 to 9 months we will have A7R IV. A7R IV is fit for Next year Photokina [2019]

  • Sammy

    Nope, Sony isn’t going to release that far. Because they’re advancing their technology & very serious inventing. Also Nikon & Cannon might catch up if they don’t step up.

  • Fisherman

    A7r3 was released in sep 17 not 18
    A7r2 was released in 2015 not announced a year after its release
    Expect a7r4 aug-sep 2019

  • admin


    Thanks for the alert, the problem is fixed now

  • Ed

    80mg sensor yes sir!

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