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Sony A7 III vs Canon 6D Mark II

 Canon A

Sony A7 III camera become most popular camera just after its announcement due to its price and the core specs. Canon 6D Mark II is few month older than Sony A7 III and now let’s have a look how they perform against each other in specs comparison test.

Sony A7 III vs Canon 6D Mark III Specification Comparison

Feature/Models Sony A7 II Canon 6D Mark II
Megapixel 24 megapixels 26.2 megapixels
Sensor size Full frame (35.6 x 23.8 mm) Full frame (36 x 24 mm)
Image processor Bionz X & Front-End LSI Digic 7
Low pass Filter No Yes
AF system On Sensor PDAF Phase Detect + DPAF
AF points 693 Points 45 points
ISO 50-204800 50-102400
Shutter speed 1/8000 to 30 sec
Image Stabilization 5 Axis Image Stabilization 5-axis (Video section)
Continuous shooting speed  10fps 7fps
Video  4K30p Full HD @60fps
Display  3″ Rear Touchscreen Tilting LCD (921,600) 3.2″ 1.62m-Dot Touchscreen LCD Monitor
Hot shoe  Yes  Yes
Wireless  WiFi / NFC WiFi / NFC
Environmentally sealed  Yes yes
Battery life  710 1200 shots
Weight  650 g 765 g
Size  126.9 x 95.6 x 73.7 mm 144 x 110.5 x 74.8 mm

Design difference

With a approx 100gm difference in body weight, the Canon is made with magnesium alloy chassis with a polycarbonate body and the Sony is made up with magnesium alloy body.

Both camera features fullframe sensor inside them, as you can see the Canon 6D mark II camera features a bigger body compared to the Sony A7 III camera.

I prefer Canon 6D Mark II over the Sony A7 III when we compared the Top controls and Top LCD display of both the camera, If you want top LCD display in Sony line-up you have to get the Sony A9 camera, but thankfully Canon 6D mk II does Top LCD display with extensive manual controls.

On the rear side you get the vari-angle display screen with Canon 6D Mark II which is more usable for your compositional freedom and highly essential for live content creators.

I am always not in favor of  size and weight comparison of camera with interchangeable lens camera systems, since both camera requires different type of lenses to shoot and when you add lenses to these camera the siz and weight of the body changes rapidly.

Sensor Size and Image quality

Canon 6D Mark II camera features bit more resolution and the Sony A7 III camera features one stop more ISO range. As you can see in the high ISO test, the Canon 6D Mark II image quality look bit inferior compared to Sony A7 III, may be due to one stop more dynamic range of the Sony A7 III camera.

Sony A7 III vs Canon 6D Mark III High ISO Test

We have picked up high ISO test samples taken at ISO 51200 via dpreview you can view more at the dprview website.

AF area comparison between the Sony A7 III vs Canon 6D Mark II

Sony A7 III vs Canon 6D II

We  have compared the on screen phase AF points of Canon 6D Mark II vs Sony A7 III. However when you have Canon 6D Mark II at live view mode and taking still or recording a video, you get entire view-able area under AF mode due to the help DPAF technology. So, if we talk about the AF the Canon 6D Mark II isn’t look inferior compared to Sony A7 III camera.

Canon 6D Mark II DPAF Coverage

Canon 6D Mark II DPAF coverage is similar to Sony A7 III 693 AF point based Hybrid AF sensor, so literally we don’t have any big difference in the AF systems of both the camera, however Canon is giving you Phase AF sensor exclusively that work with viewfinder of the camera.

Video – 4K vs Full HD

Both camera does ultra fast AF while recording video, but Canon 6D Mark II is limited to Full HD video recording mode which can disappoint you . So, if you are a professional cinematographer you may prefer picking up Sony A7 III camera. But for youtube content creators Canon 6D Mark II is more usable due to its vari-angle display.

Sony A7 III vs Canon 6D mark II Dynamic Range Score

From DXO Mark Test results, you can see we have a big difference in between the test scores of both the camera. The color depth, Dynamic range as well as Low Light ISO score of Sony A7 III camera is better compared to the Canon 6D Mark II.

More Test on Dynamic Range by Photons to Photos

Dynamic range test from Photons to photo website, from both the DXO mark test results as well as PTP the Sony A7 III camera is showing better dynamic range compared to the Canon 6D Mark II camera.

Wide Range of Lenses available with Canon 6D Mark II

Canon 6D Mark II offers wide range of AF lenses with the EF and EF-S mount support, and guess what you can get the 50mm F1.8 yongo lens @ $45 only at B&H store and if you can afford you Canon 50mm F1.2 L lens ia available at $1299 at B&H Store. So, you have wide range of lenses available based on your need, budget and features.


Canon 6D Mark II camera doesn’t have top end features like the Sony A7 III camera and yes Sony A7 III is a better choice compared to Sony A7 III camera. The final choice is yours what you need from you camera, but both of them are excellent tool for us.


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8 comments to Sony A7 III vs Canon 6D Mark II

  • etudiant

    I’ve seen two tests suggesting the Sony environmental sealing is still a work in progress, with the battery compartment and the area around the tripod attachment poorly sealed, if at all.
    That raises doubt about the quality of the data used for this evaluation.

  • subrato

    Sony make good smartphones, display and walkman… in mu POV if you want a reliable camera go with Canon or Nikon.

  • Howard

    The Sony A7III is now shipping. B&H has 22 user reviews already. And 7 of those first 22 buyers rate the A7 III with only 1 or 2 stars out of 5.

    That means that a third of paying customers rate their A7III purchase with a “D” or an “F.” Fewer than half give it 5 out of 5 stars.

    Paying customers are being asked to find the problems that hotshot YouTube Reviewers overlooked at that lavish Sony roll-out party — the party featuring expert helpers standing around while reviewers shot live models and were treated to rides in helicopters and dune buggies.

    The real test for Sony will be how they treat their disgruntled customers. After all, these are the people who actually pay for everything reviewers saw at that roll-out party.

  • Jean-Luc Coulon

    About the Wireless of the 6D Mk II, I has WiFi yes, but also Bluetooth and NFC.

  • admin

    Thanks @Jean-Luc Coulon

    We have fixed it.

  • And by the way, those 1 and 2 star reviews are because of the lack of a battery charger, not the quality of the camera itself

  • Howard

    Hi, Chuck.
    On the date you posted your comment about “no quality problems with the camera itself,” the B&H website showed only 1 user image. Check it out. Look at the odd colors of the sky and the small circles in it. I don’t believe that’s normal.

    Sony’s first firmware correction addresses significant issues known to Sony as they were shipping cameras to early buyers. Quality control is an old problem for them. I paid a thousand bucks for a Sony F707 17 years ago. It behaved like a bad puppy. I never knew when to trust it. It burned out Memory Sticks faster than I could find places to buy them.

    And when you have some spare time, check out pages 6-10 of your user manual. Sony warns that image quality deteriorates rapidly as the temperature of the camera rises. They warn you that it can rise rapidly on a hot day. On page 8, they warn you not to hand-hold the camera during extended use or it can blister your hands.

    Maybe I’ll buy another Sony someday. But that will only be after I dig deep into the CRITICAL customer reviews.

  • Brandon

    If one compares all, the Sony is the better camera. In regards to the quality control : that was an issue some years ago. I have used the Sony A7; A7R and currently use a 7 II. No issues. Ordered the A7 III.

    In regards to the D and F’s. Howard, these were purely linked to the fact that no battery charger was supplied.

    I think in the long run Canon and Nikon are going to loose. I had both and in regards to functionality, lenses and, most importantly, image quality, Sony wins.

    I think other players will gain market share as well. Looking at Olympus and Fuji, they are making some very nice material and will keep on improving on what they have now.

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