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Sony A7 III High ISO Test

Finally, the first still High ISO test report of the Sony A7 III camera published by dpreview. Take a look at the high ISO test between Sony A7 III, Sony A7R III, Nikon D750 and Canon 5D Mark IV.

Sony A7 III vs Nikon D850 vs Sony A7R III vs Canon 5D Mark IV

Sony A7 II camera noise


As you can see the Sony A7R III is still a best choice for still work since you get a lot of details with high resolution sensor. Despite of having a weak filter inside the Sony A7 III camera the level of details isn’t similar to A7R III due to less resolution.

Nikon D850 is showing unusual color noise on BW image which is unacceptable. However the details are visible and moire is also very well controlled.

And finally we have the Canon 5D Mark IV camera. As we know that Canon cameras do have built-in OLPF and so we are not able to get the 100% details of a subject when compared to Camera without low-pass filter.

Sony A7 III Color noise test

color noise test image

As you can in this test I have kept ISO at 102400, practically I never use ISO above the 12800 in any FF DSLR / Mirrorless camera but to see the difference in test in first look results we have to set the ISO at a higher level.

As you can see clearly Sony A7R III and Nikon D850 color noise levels are well controlled compared to Sony A7 III . Despite of being a canon user for a long time, I have no hesitation is saying that Canon 5D Mk IV is suffering from a lot of color noise and loss of details.

Sony A7III is definitely one of the best  camera ever announced by Sony. I do have some issue but despite if that you are getting a lot features in $2k camera.

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5 comments to Sony A7 III – High ISO Test

  • canonpro

    And Nikon D850 makes color.. and no one in the world noticed that…

  • Steven

    Jpeg are uses less… I don’t know why in this world someone uses Jpeg. Jpeg users should use smartphones instead of Mirrorless or DSLRs

  • These tests are not very useful as the resolutions employed with each camera are not the same. In order to be credible, each shot should have been made under the same conditions with the same focal length lenses and resolutions set the same.

  • I.Muñoz-Seca

    Seen the seen:
    GOLD and PLATINUM medal for image quality: SONY a7RIII.
    Silver and platinum medal ……………………………………… NIKON D850.
    BRONZE Medal without platinum …………………………… … Canon 5DR.
    The Canon 5D4 does not value it to have much less resolution, and to integrate the OLPF pass filter.

    Visto lo visto:
    Medalla de ORO y PLATINO a la calidad de imagen: SONY a7RIII.
    Medalla de plata y platino………………………………………NIKON D850.
    Medalla de BRONCE sin platino………………………………Canon 5DR.
    La Canon 5D4 no la valoro al tener mucha menos resolución, y por integrar el filtro de paso OLPF.

  • Odin

    Using the jpgs to make comparison of high end cameras like this is stupid. Switch the test to RAW and compare them, they all pretty much the same right up to ISO 25600 and the 5D4 does not lose out. What amazes me is the D750’s older sensor is still just as good as the A7III, showing how we up against the wall in improving high ISO noise. There’s little room for improvement

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