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Firmware Update

Sony A6700 Announcement is Next

Sony reg camera

Sony registered a new Mirrorless WW 771132 camera at wireless certification agency. Take a look the details reveled by the Japanese sources

  • Digital camera
  • Wi-Fi · Bluetooth installed

So, at the moment we have very few details available about the upcoming camera. According to Japanese sources, the registered camera is a Mirrorless and not a compact, So that also indicates Sony RX100 VI isn’t coming anytime soon.

And now look at the details we have, Just few weeks ago we have published a rumored set specification of the Sony A6700 Mirrorless camera. The new Sony A6700 camera is coming with advance AF system, eye-tracking feature and a option to record 4K at 60p.

Sony A6700 Rumored Specification

1. AF is vastly improved with Eye tracking, you can call the cam a mini A9

2. Better low light performance, standard ISO do touch the 51200 mark

3. New 4K HDR, 4K 60p is for limited time in test versions

4. Compatible with UHS II

5. 1/8000 shutter, faster Continuous Shooting

6. 2x Improved Battery Life

And we do expect Sony will first announce the Sony A6500 successor, Sony A6700 and after that we will going to see the Sony A7S III camera. However, as we have told you earlier , Sony is more strict in the year of 2018 and even veteran rumor mills are completely dry. But, we will going to update you soon as we get any information.

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5 comments to Sony A6700 Announcement is Next

  • myInfo

    1 True
    2 True(ish)
    3 False (no HDR)
    4 Not sure
    5 True
    6 False

    Forgotten on this list:
    New sensor with DRAM on sensor
    IBIS with super resolution mode

  • subrato

    Sony A6700 – wishlist
    1. 24MP Sensor
    3. Handheld HRM
    3. ISO
    4. Fast shooting speed 20 fps
    5. 4k 60p
    6. vari-angle
    7. mic. input

  • confis

    Alas, now it seems that WW1132 is after all the Sony RX100 VI… Any hints about the a6700?

  • admin

    @confis Agree

    It’s Look like we have to wait few months more for Sony A6700 Camera.

    BTW, We will post update for sure if we get any.

  • George S

    Actually, improvement IMHO A6500 really needs is
    1.1/250 syncro,
    2. EVF similar to Fujifilm T3,
    3. Maybe improved IBIS for stills (for me),
    4. A6400 AF and improved,
    5. Stay within 0.5kg mass body.

    I am not mentioning video as I hardly do any. But I am sure, rolling shutter needs to be attended to and IBIS seems to have some shake issues.
    That said, I am happy if A6700 has features I mentioned and the rest could stay the same.

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