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Sony A6300 at DxOMark

Sony A6300 DXo score

DXOMark Lab tested out the Sony A6300 camera and the result was prodigious. If we place confidence in the text score of DXOMark Lab then undoubtedly Sony A6300 holds the crown of best APS-C camera in the market.


As you can see in the test result that Sony A6300 performing better than the Nikon D7200 during low-light test, however the overall score of Nikon is still better.Canon-80D-vs-Sony-A6300-ima

The overall score and the low-light score of Sony A6300 is better compared to the Canon 80D camera.

Undoubtedly Sony A6300 is the best APS-C sensor mirrorless camera available at the moment.

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4 comments to Sony A6300 at DxOMark

  • NikonPro


    Totally agree.

    Samsung made its first pro mirrorless camera approx 1+ year called NX1 and its specification was match-less.

    NX500 also carry the same sensor as of NX1

    Unfortunately Samsung discontinued the NX series due to low sales volume of the camera.

  • Neil Patel

    I am Glad that My Camera Scored Highest Marks among the Sony camera as well as it gives best lowlight performance among present day APS-C sensor cameras and you should also know that / even better than Nikon D7200.

    Samsung was unable to Run the Camera business. The ended the production and cleared up the camera stock, why we are talking about a company name Samsung who suffered from a big failure.

  • Col

    Lighten up… Just because it’s discontinued doesn’t mean it’s not the best… Kinda funny that Sony is still trying to reach the level of a 2 year old discontinued system. And I have the samsungs and the Sony. The Samsung is better in every way. The processor is ridiculous. And it is also h.265 video. That means 100mbps Samsung is = to roughly 300mbps on the Sony. And there is a hack for the Samsung to do 200mbps now. That’s like 600-700mbps if it were h.264… Amazing. And The user interface is way better and the touchscreen is amazing… Sony is way way behind… Yes, Samsung quit… Bad business but amazing camera.

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