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Sony A6100, HX80 and HX350 Coming Very Soon


Based on latest leaked info we can confirmly say you that Sony is fully prepared to make its next camera products related announcement, the Sony A6100 compact mirror-less camera and successor of Sony A6000 along with Sony HX80 and Sony HX350.

Stay with us and more information Coming….

We will update you soon as we get any new information, stay with us (FACEBOOK | TWITTER | GOOGLE+) If you have time –> see more Sony Rumor.

source – SAR

8 comments to Sony A6100, HX80 and HX350 Coming Very Soon

  • George Kosciuk

    Please please stop this unproductive speculation. Facts only please

  • admin

    It’s a FACT, all these products are coming for real.

  • The Sony a6000 camera is an amazing non bridge style camera. Kit lenses are good, including one telephoto to about 200mm. I don’t own one, but saw results from one owner. The a6100 likely will be better. These cameras would be suitable to take on any vacation. Just about anywhere, as I have witnessed the results of one. I have no mirrorless cameras yet. Rumor is that this new a6100 will cost about $1500.00.

  • Krenne

    Then Sony 6100 will not cost 1500$

  • Krenne

    Do we have to speculate about 6100 ore 7000 ore perhaps both? There are speculations about the price andnI have heard about everything from $700 to $1500. What is true and what is false!? I think that thenpricepoint is about $100 inkl. kitoptic but this camera ned zeiss optics to get best pictures because the ability of the sensor. som I think it is better to buy the fullfomate Sony A7

  • Another super-duper point and shoot 50X plus telephoto zoom lens from all the major camera manufactures. Sony, Nikon, Canon, and Panasonic. They are not cheap either. Most don’t do RAW, only JPEG , some don’t have a horseshoe for an external flash. This one does though, finally. I do own a backup Nikon L840, 38x. But it only cost me $225.00. Brand New. This Sony hx350 or other one, hx80, will most likely cost more than what it is worth. Image quality will lack too. I would rather buy a DSLR Nikon D3300 2 kit lens setup for $600.00, Canon T5i, or Sony a58, and be assured of better trade in or resale value. My strongest telephoto lens is 70-300mm. That’s satisfactory for me. And millions of others. Unless you’re professional.

  • admin

    Agree, Lot of good mirrorless and DSLRs available under $600-$700.

  • I’d be quite interested in a 50x zoom lens camera with a substantial (bigger than 1″) sensor.

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