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Sony A37 Review Round-Up

The Sony A37 features 16.1 Megapixel CMOS sensor, up to 7 fps continuous shooting speed and ISO sensitivity from 100 to 16000, Some site just reviewed the Sony A37 entry level DSLR, the review Round-up have some positive and negative verdict from the reviewers…

See What others saying about the new Sony A37

A good option if you’re looking for something fast with a viewfinder and tilting LCD, the Sony Alpha SLT-A37 is a solid but not outstanding sub-$800 dSLR-style camera. read full review by

Sony’s offerings in the entry-level arena are perhaps more interesting than its Canon and Nikon counterparts, with the translucent mirror technology, Clear Zoom and Auto Portrait Framing giving the beginner photographer a lot of bang for their buck.

Beginners need to be aware, however, that there are downsides to using a translucent mirror technology. Firstly, the amount of light reaching the sensor is reduced, so focusing in lower light conditions can be a little tricky, and secondly it’s fair to say that although good, an EVF won’t be to everyone’s tastes. see full review at

The camera’s JPEGs look reasonably good at ISO 100 and 200; then you start to see more softness at ISO 400, with increasing artefacts up through ISO 3200, which we would consider to be the top of the usable range for JPEGs……………….
The A37 is a solid, entry-level, SLR-class camera that will serve anyone on a tight budget who’s looking for something with which to shoot active kids and pets. see full review at

The Sony Alpha A37 is a fairly standard upgrade for the company’s entry-level SLT DSLR lineup. It replaces the A35 with some basic upgrades to control, a new image sensor, but a largely unchanged design………………..
Choosing the Sony A37 over competing options like the Nikon D3100 and Canon T3 largely comes down to a decision for speed versus the comfort of an optical viewfinder. The A37’s 5.5fps full resolution burst is well ahead of the Nikon and Canon options, but the electronic viewfinder still isn’t as nice as an optical option. see the full review at

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