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Sony 31 MP APS-C IMX342LQA Sensor Details Leaked

Sony registered a APS-C new sensor IMX342LQA of 31 MP resolution and global shutter. The sensor features 4:3 aspect ratio so, for sure this sensor is not going to be used inside consumer cameras because of its aspect ratio.

However, many websites claim that this Sensor will going to be used inside the Sony A6700 camera. This isn’t true with the aspect ratio the sensor have. However, modified version of this sensor can be used for future Sony cameras.

Sony 31 MP APS-C IMX342LQA Sensor Details

– APS-C size
– 31.5 megapixel
– FSI (Front Side illuminated)
– global shutter

Take a look at the documents

8 comments to Sony 31 MP APS-C IMX342LQA Sensor Details Leaked

  • Len Vine

    You Say “this sensor is not going to be used inside consumer cameras because of its (4:3) aspect ratio”.
    But we already have cameras with the Micro Four Thirds sensor, which has a 4:3 aspect ratio, so what’s the big fuss about ?

  • Marcus

    It seems, that the 7D Mark III is outdated by Sony, before the camera hit the market.

  • admin

    @Len Vine

    Its a APS-C sensor in 4/3 bottle
    Sony APS-C Mirrorless cameras uses 3:2 ratio as it is more common for photography when compared to 4:3.

  • Wayne.

    Any particular reason it’s aspect ratio is not going to be used in s consumer camera?

    Pegasus is their industrial vision line. I was looking at their 100mp medium format version earlier tonight.

  • Wayne.

    Marcus. 7D mk2 used a layered color sensor like Sigma foveon, but 5 layers. Sony has yet to put this is a camera, despite how long I wait. The mk3 might continue it, making it interesting if they can offer 4kp50, and if only they could do nearly 100% pixel fill ratio like foveon did. I’m very interested in that vanished 20 hybrid model. If that had such features, it would be interesting. But I won’t waste too much hope that it is a aligned camcorder version of the 7D are aligned. That would be cool, and frankly Canon needs it now with the BM pocket 4k coming so cheap. The c100+ lower models are apparently a waste now.

  • subrato

    AMazing 31 MP APS-C sensor based camera will going to beat 5D Mark IV for sure…

  • Rainer

    31 MP APS-C = 2 much for consumer cameras IMHO.

  • Alberto Batistini

    Sony a6500 has a 6045×4003 3.89 micron sensor with 28.20 mm diagonal. This sensor is 6464×4852 3.45 micron with a 27.88 mm diagonal perfectly compatible with all APS-C lenses. For me in photography the 4:3 aspect ratio is better than 3:2 that in portrait mode is too long. 6×4.5 cm. was the better choiche for professionals as Sony sensors 55×41 mm and 44×33 mm. Why not a 4:3 APS-C sensor?

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