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Sigma Patent - New Foveon Sensor

Sigma new sensor patent

One of the biggest news coming from Sigma, Sigma is working on a new Foveon image sensor dedicated for Video purpose. For more details you can look at description below.

Foveon sensor image

Take a look at the patent details below (Translated)
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a high resolution still picture and moving picture using a multi-layer sensor in which all pixels have three or more color photoelectric conversion layers and which do not generate false color in principle, while reducing the data amount And performs high-speed readout.
An image pickup device having color separation in a thickness direction of an element and having photoelectric conversion layers of three or more colors, and control means for controlling reading of the image pickup element. In the image pickup device 200, the pixel information is read out by predetermined resolution for each layer separated in the thickness direction in the thickness direction, and at least one layer out of the color-separated layers of the image pickup element has the pixel information Is read out, and at least one layer is read out pixel information with a resolution lower than the highest resolution. The control unit 130 acquires luminance information from the pixel information of the layer read out with the highest resolution out of the layers separated from the color and outputs the pixel information of the layer other than the layer read out with the highest resolution Color information is acquired from pixel information of each layer so as to have the same resolution.

Patent Details
[Issuing country】 Japan Patent Office (JP)
[Publication type] Published patent publication (A)
[Publication number] Japanese Patent Application Laid-open No. 2017-208651 (P2017-208651A)
[Publication date] November 24, 2017
Title of the Invention Imaging device


2 comments to Sigma Patent – New Foveon Sensor

  • Stella

    Sigma, Really working to improve the optics department … their lenses are great.
    But at the same time the Sigma cameras are usable upto ISO 100 to 200

    I would like to see a better sensor inside the Sigma cameras so they can also perform bit better at Higher so range

  • Sigma’s are SHARP. As sharp as FF.

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