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Sigma DP2 Quattro image quality is similar to Pentax 645z

We don’t have image samples yet but according to facebook post by a well known Belgian retailer PCH, the image quality of Sigma DP2 Quattro is similar to recently announced Pentax 645z.


Screen grab of FB page

When it comes to sheer image quality and sharpness, the Quattro looked equal to this 51-MP medium-format camera.

We have seen the image quality of SD1 (multilayer Foveon) sensor is extremely good at base ISO range (100, 200), …the color output of multilayer sensor is matchless to its APS-C competitors at ISO 100…but high amount of noise starts at 1600… and image become un-usable when we reach ISO 3200…

We are very excited to hear the news and we will soon publish the high ISO test images of Sigma DP2 Quattro as they become available…


1 comment to Sigma DP2 Quattro image quality is similar to Pentax 645z

  • RenĂ©

    I own a Sigma Dp3 Merrill, and also that camera has wonderful detail and clean extremely sharp images at low iso

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