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Firmware Update

Samsung NX2 Prototype Exist - 30MP DPAF, 4K at 120FPS and more...

Samsung NX2

Samsung NX1 was the first APS-C camera to introduce DCI 4K video recording and 205 on chip AF point with 15fps burst, After low sales report Samsung closed its camera division and handed over all the further operation to mobile section.

According to latest rumors Samsung NX2 / NX1 successor do exist in Samsung lab and currently being tested with Exynos 9810 SoC. Now, at the time I am writing this article the Samsung Exynos 9810 SoC is a high-end system-on-chip and rumored to be used inside the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ flagship smartphones.

As the tipster says the new CPU allows the camera to record 4K video at 120FPS h/265 encode capability. Take a look at Rumored Specification of Samsung NX2 camera

Samsung NX2 Specifications

  • 30,1 megapixels sensor (6720*4480)  (3-stack FRS) ISOCELL
  • Tetracell / dual-pixel AF. (AF is insane with combination of dual-pixel and ‘Super PD’)
  • accelerometer-based shutter / registers the G-forces (acceleration)
  • 4K 120fps h/265 encode capability enable impressive framerates
    – Full sensor (6720*4480) @ 30fps
    – 5376*3024 @ 60fps
    – 3840*2160 @ 120fps
    – 2688*1512 @ 240fps
    – 1920*1080 @ 480fps
    Up to 120fps should be full sensor read-out, 2.7K and 1080p at higher frame-rates is 2×2 pixel binning and then down-sampling (so full width of sensor is used up to 480fps (!).
  • 15fps burst with mechanical shutter
  • 30fps RAW with electronic shutter.
  • Practically no read-out noise ’, which is regular in-sensor phase detection.
  •  LTE-connectivity with eSIM,
  • GNSS (GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou) for location tagging,
  • SD 3.0 with UHS-II support for memory cards (up to 300 MB/s),
  • Bluetooth 5 for continuous low-power connection and
  • 802.11ac with 2×2 MIMO for fast image- and video transfer.
  • USB 3.1 Type-C with DP enabled for uncompressed output up to 5K 30fps and 4K 60fps.
  • PCIe 3.0 x2 bus left if they decide to add something like a CFexpress card-slot, or Thunderbolt 3 or 10GbE.

This was one of the prototypes of the Samsung NX2 camera and and its is possible that more exist with variable ND, IBIS, HBM2-buffer.

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15 comments to Samsung NX2 Prototype Exist – 30MP DPAF, 4K at 120FPS and more…


  • Ok second thought:

    The current industry situation: NOBODY invests, nobody innovates. Not even Sony. They just make tiny upgrades and sell them as new. The NX1 had TONS of new stuff inside it and if NX2 arrives, it will wipe the competition. If a $2000 NX2 exists, it will burn D500, X-T2 and pretty much *ANY* other APS-C camera, even some FF ones!

    And if Samsung is smart enough to make a NX600 with EVF below $1200, then cameras like the X-T20, a6500, M43 in general, will rest in piece.

  • Morris

    No freaking way! If this is true, I’m skipping Sony))
    How come Sony is yet to integrate broadband into cameras?! C’mon, darkroom and printing and making photo albums is left in the previous millenium! We still need to edit hires photos, but we also (and more frequently) need to upload them as we take them.

  • Philou

    It big fake because Zero lens with nx2

  • Oleg Gontrar

    They doesn’t have the glass. That is the only problem otherwise it was a brilliant camera on paper.

  • Wayne

    No, no, my money, my money. Rotten little cameras begging to be bought..

  • @Oleg.

    I beg to differ:

    16mm f2.4
    18-55mm f2-f2.8!!
    50-150mm f2.8!!
    50-200mm f4-f5.6
    30mm f2
    85mm f1.4
    60mm macro f2.8
    45mm (3D) f1.8

  • Rainer

    you forget to mention the date when this awful cam will be discontinued 😉

  • Rainer

    @ theodore: I had it; so:
    18-55 f2-f2.8 ???? –> 16-50 f2-2.8

  • Oleg Gontar

    @Theodore I am birder, so basically where you need this camera’s speed, for that you have no glass.They kind of have the trinity lens what i don’t really care, 24mm is the widest, though at least a 2 would be good, 60mm macro is a bit short. Don’t get me wrong I wanted them to succeed as really promissing system, but with this amount of lenses they had to prepare for gaining popularity slowly.

  • etudiant

    Economics rule here.
    Cameras are a flat market with too many competitors, where profits are skinny at best.
    Samsung wisely recognized this and pulled out when they learned that superior technology did not translate to market leadership.
    They surely could build this camera, but they would not make any money from it, so they won’t. However, they may offer the critical parts, notably the sensor as well as the processor, to industrial partners. These could be Japanese, if the Japanese can overcome their reluctance to partner with Koreans, or they could be Chinese, if Samsung is confident their technology edge will not get stolen in short order. Neither choice is risk free, so the most likely option is that nothing will happen.

  • Teodore


    point-and-shoot cameras are pretty dead and a huge part of the old market belongs to smartphones nowadays. BUT, the enthousiast, semi-pro and pro range is not affected. To be precise, Sony had announced increase in sales last year (or the year before).

  • etudiant

    @ teodore.

    The CIPA numbers that were posted just a couple of days ago show flat sales for the last 3 years. So it is a dog eat dog market, where Canon is still profitable and Sony makes money on sensors, but everyone else is struggling.
    It would be great if China or India developed into big new markets, but that has not happened thus far. Samsung is consequently skeptical of this market’s appeal.

  • Odin

    Ok if this is actually true and is released, Samsung would be insane not to offer it in native Canon and Nikon mounts. This would be a wildlife/birders dream come true if we could use our glass natively. It would be a complete waste of effort if it is just a Samsung mount.

    Why they would come back from the dead without a plan to massively boost sales via alternate mounts I just can’t beleive.

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