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Ricoh GR III High ISO and Color Noise Test

Rioch GR III Camera at B&H Store |

Let’s begin with High ISO Test images of Ricoh GR III camera. We have selected 4 most popular professional compacts of today from different brands sensor. Now let’s see which camera performs best during the test.

We have selected 4 Different different camera to compare, take a look at the list

  1. Ricoh GR III – 24.2MP APS-C CMOS Sensor paired with 28mm f/2.8  [fixed lens]
  2. Fujifilm X100F – 24.3MP APS-C X-Trans CMOS III  paired with 23mm f/2 Lens – [Fixed Lens]
  3. Canon G1X Mark III – 24.2MP APS-C paired with 24 to 72mm f/2.8 (W) to f/5.6 (T) – [3X optical zoom]
  4. Sony RX100 VI – 20.1MP 1″ Exmor RS BSI CMOS Sensor  paired with 24 to 200mm f/2.8-4.5 Lens  – [8.33x  optical zoom]

Ricoh GR III  High ISO Test and color noise


If we talk about color noise or High ISO test of these four cameras, then Fujifilm X100F camera with APS-C X-Trans sensor and fixed 35mm F2 lens is showing up minimum noise in the sample test image.

Camera ranking based on Noise Performance

  1. Fuji X100F [Best]
  2. Ricoh GR III
  3. Canon G1X Mark III
  4. Sony RX100 VI

Ricoh GR III visible moire pattern at the can be seen High ISO test of the camera. Fuji of-course win the High ISO test with clearly. BTW, Ricoh GR III is also a excellent option for pro photographers.

Rioch GR III Camera at B&H Store |

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3 comments to Ricoh GR III High ISO and Color Noise Test

  • Odin

    Fuji’s ISO are over-rated, 12800 is more like 8000 from others, so always take their results with a grain of salt. Equalise exposures via ISO for a given aperture to compare them.

    Also jpg’s are a useless measure, show us RAW’s.

  • Yogi Mik

    I totally agree with Odin’s above statement.
    BTW, I never shoot color above ISO 640 with Fuji X-Trans III, and above ISO 1400 with X-Trans II. Sensors in older Fujis are better.
    I like to use high ISO grain for B&W.
    Otherwise, I seldom exceed base ISO.
    So, all those high ISO tests are for me plain BS.

  • LexMI

    Well… I got a GR III and I am comparing it with the results I have been getting over the years with the X-T2, X-T3, and X-H1, and the GR III files are by far worse than the Fuji files in similar lighting conditions. Bad to the point I am seriously thinking of sending the GR III back to get an X-100F.
    And the AF on the GR III is dreadful, even after the 1.10 firmware update. It only does a semi-OK job in perfect light. What a disappointment.

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