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Pentax GR-E Curved Sensor Rumor

pentax GR E image

According to latest rumors Pentax / Ricoh curved sensor based camera is coming. The expected date of announcement is some time 2018 spring OR summer. The price of the camera is $1800. Take a detailed look at the rumored specification

Pentax GR-E Specification

– 36MP curved surface type sensor
– will be announced early in the spring or summer
– the price is 1,800 US dollars
– the size of the X 64.7Mm X 122.0 39.8Mm
– lens 28mm F2.4 (not retractable)
– customization possible Lens ring
– ISO 51200
– New type battery

The specification of the camera look very promising and if it arrives then for sure many new users will also get attracted to Pentax.

BTW, This is a low credible rumor, so take this with grain of salt.

We will update you soon as we get any new information.

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2 comments to Pentax GR-E Curved Sensor Rumor

  • I can’t imagine this actually being a thing, especially at that price.

    First, I think if Ricoh is going to make another GR camera, they will keep the Ricoh name because that’s what everyone associates the GR with, and reserve the Pentax name for their bulletproof DSLR’s.

    Second, it’s three times the price of the current GR, which is going to be a major turnoff for current GR owners.

    Third, if the lens is non-retractable, and it’s f2.4, it’s probably going to be bigger than the lens on the X70, which was already fatter than the GR, which means the GR-E would take up considerably more space than the current GR and it’d no longer be pocketable.

    I know people were upset that there basically wasn’t any difference between the GR and GR II, but this is too different.

    Thank you for calling it a low credible rumor. I think the source of this rumor is a joke to get people riled up.

  • Dr.S

    It is an APSC or FF sensor?

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