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Pentax Fullframe Camera Teasers

Full-frame-by-Pentax-imgLatest teaser surfaced on web that talks about new crop feature in the upcoming Pentax Fullframe DSLR camera, that will allow users to select different image recording sizes based on type of lenses used over the camera, the Camera will act as a fullframe camera when a fullframe lens is used and a APS-C camera when a APS-C lens is used, that’s a prefect feature and APS-C camera users will easily switch there format without worrying about the lens issue…


Take a look at press text

The new PENTAX 35mm full-frame digital SLR camera features a Crop mode, which allows you to select the image size to be recorded, with a choice of three settings: AUTO, FF and APS-C. The AUTO setting automatically selects the appropriate image size for the lens mounted on the camera. It selects either a 35mm full-frame image size for D FA- and FA-series lenses, or an APS-C image size for DA- and DA L-series lenses. The FF setting captures all images in a 35mm full-frame image size, regardless of the lens mounted on the camera.* The APS-C setting captures all images in an APS-C image size, regardless of the lens**, while displaying a cropping frame in the camera’s viewfinder.

* In the FF setting, an image outside the APS-C-format picture frame may not be reproduced in sufficient quality with certain lenses and/or in certain situations.
** When an image is cropped to an APS-C image size, the number of recorded pixels is lower, as the pixels in the cropped areas are eliminated.

2 comments to Pentax Fullframe Camera Teasers

  • Those Sony 42 megapixels sensors appear to be fantastic. A 42 megapixels sensor is the highest I have read about. Although other cameras may even have more megapixels. This Pentax full frame dslr appears to be a quality toy. Pentax has been around the block more than once for decades.

  • Sakaphoto Graphics

    If Pentax can bring a 135 Format sensored-camera with full functionality for the price of the Nikon D610 or Canon 6D, they should shake up the dSLR market a bit. Hope that they can get their new lenses ready in time to take advantage.

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