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PDAF May Damage Image Quality - Panasonic

panasonic GH5 camera image

In an latest interview Panasonic said that they are not in the mood to developed PDAF Phase detect autofocus sensors for their mirrorless camera.

Take a look what Panasonic said during the interview.

When we were developing the GH4, we were discussing whether to go with phase detection AF, or hybrid AF system of contrast AF with our own DFD (depth-from- defocus) technology. We thought that by having contrast AF with DFD, we could maximize picture quality.

With phase detection AF, picture quality can be damaged

This is because with phase detection AF, picture quality can be damaged [by the phase detect pixels]. With contrast-detection AF and DFD technology, we don’t need any dedicated pixels [for autofocus] and we believe it is more precise.

Well this look quite logical to me because in the recent happening as we have already seen with the Sony A7III sensor, due to extensive fabrication of phase detect autofocus pixels above the sensor there are some time when we see some vertical or horizontal banding above the image. It is not quite often but when there is a strong backlight behind the subject the bindings become visible.

Maybe one of these reasons falling behind the idea of introducing face detect autofocus pixels inside Panasonic mirrorless cameras.

Panasonic Should Improve the AF Speed of Flagship Mirrorless

Yes, we are happy to hear that Panasonic is caring about image quality, but they should also put focus on the autofocusing is speed of their flagship mirrorless camera is specifically when we are talking about the Panasonic GH5 and Panasonic GH 5S. Take a look at the AF speed test between Panasonic G85 vs G9 vs GH5 vs GH5s

We will going to update you soon as we get any new information related to upcoming Panasonic mirrorless cameras and don’t forget that Panasonic already hinted that they are working Panasonic LX100 successor Panasonic LX200.

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9 comments to PDAF May Damage Image Quality – Panasonic

  • Rainer

    If I’m not totally wrong, the “purple plague” some Fujifilm cameras are suffering from in certain light conditions is also caused by the Phase detect pixels on their sensors.

  • Odin

    DFD is rubbish, Panasonic can bleat all they like about IQ, I notice Sony doesn’t have any issues with on-sensor PDAF and if they are worried they should develop DPAF like Canon, even Nikon is working on DPAF now.

  • Steven

    ANd the Panasonoic GH5 take at least 1 hour to focus on the subject… what a junk cam they made and they are proud of DFD AF system.

  • Wow, a lot of hate here from bricks and bazooka folk!
    Panny’s OK, but I prefer the OMD EM-1 mk2 which focusses well is light and has more fast/sharp/light lenses.
    You can, of course, use the PanaLeica lenses on it, if you wish.

  • Odin

    So Pedr you say there’s a lot of hate and then say you use the Olympus. Why is that?
    Panasonic could have used DFD as their contrast detect AF and paired it with PDAF. You will see the Panasonic is not very good for fast action at all. DFD is very good for stills and slow movement, but falls way behind PDAF otherwise. I wouldn’t dream of using Panasonic for say birds in flight and expect very high success rate. Even Olympus E-M1 II is not as good as say D500, but better than Panasonic for sure. Don’t forget m4/3 has deeper DoF so this masks a lot of focus issues. Imagine using say a 200 f/1.4 on G9 and trying to get success rate of a 400 f/2.8 on FF 1DX2 or D5 wide open.

  • Stella

    Canon DPAF system is very good but Canon don’t know how to make BSI sensor or stacked CMOS sensor… I think at this point they should collaborate with Sony.

  • Odin

    Well Stella Canon already has patents for BSI and stacked sensor and has had global shutter sensors for years. Of course they know how to make them, now they finally have incentive. Don’t forget Sony only uses stacked sensor on 1 camera, the A9 for the high fps.

  • Stella

    But canon isn’t moving fast… which is really a big problem
    Sony stacked CMOS sensors are one step ahead than BSI Sensor…..Like BSI, Stacked sensors maximize the Fill Factor up top. The on-sensor memory buffer here is giving Sony some of those eye-popping abilities, like the very high frame rates and the ability to use the entire sensor for video instead of sub-sampling.

  • subrato

    Well I am a Panasonic entry level mirrorless user and my camera is Panasonic G85 and of course it’s autofocusing performance is really amazing….. I also to have a Canon 80D camera …. but believe me literally I am not able to finde any difference between the auto focusing speed of both the camera.

    Well, I do believe by adding dead autofocus in pixels inside your sensor isn’t a good idea. so, I never attracted to any camera those who are using 7 carrying dead Phase detect autofocus pixels in their sensor.

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