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Panasonic S1R Gets DXO Marked

Panasonic S1R scored similar score to Sony A7R III, or you can say Nikon D850. It’s really nice to see Panasonic has entered in FF Camera Mirrorless world with a image sensor that gives you at least similar performance as the competition offers.

BTW, we were expecting more from Panasonic S1R camera. Because we all know Panasonic is compromising their AF system to escalate the image quality of the sensors (M4/3 or APS-C). But, despite of using all the tech they have the sensor scored of the camera remains similar to 1+ year old Sony A7R III ( we all know Sony A7R III have 399 Hybrid AF points and a excellent tracking system).

Also see – Panasonic Working on APS-C L-Mount Mirrorless Camera

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2 comments to Panasonic S1R Gets DXO Marked

  • Joe Prete

    The Panasonic fits the hand much better, without Squeezing our fingers between the Grip and the Lens. They made the Sony for people with smaller hands and thinner fingers. That is so obvious!!!

  • I.Muñoz-Seca

    I just looked through the classification of cameras / sensors that DXOMARK does and what a headache, what depression I have taken when I saw Canon’s STATUS. I am really depressed and with day that does …………….

    Acabo de ojear la clasificación de cámaras/sensores que hace DXOMARK y que dolor de cabeza, que depresión he cogido al ver el STATUS de Canon. Estoy realmente deprimido y con día que hace…………….

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