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Panasonic LX7 DISCONTINUED, LX8 Coming Soon [Rumor]


ALMOST CONFIRMED: According to our trusted source, on Monday July 15 Panasonic Canada informed its retail dealers that the DMC-LX7 had been DISCONTINUED, and no more were available from stock. On Friday July 19, finally posted in its advanced compact camera section the data for the DMC-LF1 as a replacement for the DMC-LX7 at the same last MSRP C$479.99 as the LX7.

See Panasonic LF1 at Amazon

Panasonic’s F-series cameras, currently the GF6 and LF1, are designed for the Asian market, where small is good and smaller is better, and small size always trounces performance. The LF1 is an inferior replacement for the LX7, which was once Panasonic’s best selling camera, so an announcement for the DMC-LX8 seems imminent. The response from dealers to the still-to-be-delivered LF1 has been so lukewarm (Canadian retailers having been burned by the low sales of the GF series) that Panasonic has sold the LF1 to as a redeemable reward, the LF1 making its first appearance there on August 7, with a promised delivery time of four weeks.

Take a look at the announcement date of LX series camera

  • LX3: 21 July 2008
  • LX5: 21 July 2010
  • LX7: 18 July 2012

Panasonic’s LX series cameras have been regularly upgraded in July with one year gap. The announcement of the DMC-LX8 may make 2013 the exception to this policy.

Unconfirmed, but plausible:The LX7 air-gap LCD panel, which is likely to be repaced with a gapless capacitive-touch panel. With less than a year to design a replacement camera, Panasonic may not have many other radical upgrades to put into the LX8, we will see few basic upgrade in core specificartion, so enthusiasts with cosmic-fantasy wishlists may be disappointed.

Time to grab the LX7 before it goes out-of-stock – buy Panasonic LX7 from Amazon | B&H

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4 comments to Panasonic LX7 DISCONTINUED, LX8 Coming Soon [Rumor]

  • Graham Bradley

    It will not be named Panasonic LX 8 as the number 8 is considered unlucky and evil in far Eastern culture…It will be Panasonic LX 9

  • Jason

    You have it backwards. Both the pronunciations of the number 4 and 9 also mean Death. 8 is a lucky number. Unless it has anything to do with marriage. Then even numbered gifts are bad luck as they can be divided evenly.

  • coqueiro

    Fake. May 2014 .Lx 7 still the best under U$S 600 compact camera for serious shooters.

  • RalphRepo

    As of 27 JUN 2014, a look on Amazon for pricing (which almost always is the best way to flesh out vaporware and rumor versus product reality), shows no such thing as a LUMIX LX8. The LX7 is still selling, as I bought mine in May 2014.

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