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Firmware Update

Panasonic LX200 Rumor Update


We are really very disappointed to see the delay in the announcement in the successor of Panasonic LX100 camera, earlier it was rumored that Panasonic LX200 is coming in September 2016 but surprisingly we haven’t seen any announcement yet.

The Good News is based on the information we have received a week ago, we may see some exciting announcement from Panasonic between in next three months.

Panasonic LX100 discontinued

Panasonic LX200 image

Best buy listed Panasonic LX100 in discontinued camera list. The LX100 product page is also removed by a month ago. It’s a clear indication that online website are clearing the stock of LX100 for LX200 camera.

Be assured that LX200 isn’t dead and one of the biggest reason behind the delay of camera announcement is absence of a perfect rival, Canon G1X Mark III and Fuji X100 F announcement is also overdue and  expected to arrive in Dec or Jan 2017.

We will update you soon as we get any new information

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4 comments to Panasonic LX200 Rumor Update

  • Peter Wilkinson

    My wish list for Panasonic LX200 is:-
    Essentially similar to the LX100 with the following…
    20MP sensor (the LX100 is a great camera so lets make it nearer to perfection)
    Zoom of 25 – 100 mm equivalent (covers most of the useful focal lengths)
    Tiltable rear screen (I love taking/composing photographs from lower level)
    Water & Dust proof (I would take it everywhere and don’t want rain spoiling my photography too much)
    I’m now in my 70s and have an arthritic back, so a small(er) camera with the above features would be near perfect for me (this is a very selfish reason)

  • The new LX200 should be dust proof!
    The dust sensitivity of the LX100 is a huge disaster! I’ve even dust on the sensor of my LX100, as well as dust in the view finder…

  • Casorati

    If hey put a high resolution EVF and a fast lens on it, I will probably buy it.

  • Frank Doucelin

    Mes souhaits pour le nouveau lx 200.
    Capteur 20millions de pixels effectifs, pour tous les formats.
    50000 iso.
    Zoom 14-120 ,ouverture 1/4 2/8.
    Vrai viseur au milieu de l’appareil.
    Ecran tactile.
    Etanche a la poussière..
    Je suis un amateur passionné, et un bon compact, me convient parfaitement.
    Les constructeurs nous oublies souvent, tous le monde ne veut pas de gros reflex.

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