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Firmware Update

Panasonic LX200 Coming With 20.3MP Digital Live MOS Sensor


According to a anonymous email we have received today the upcoming Panasonic LX100 successor will carry latest 20 MP or 16 MP CMOS sensor.

panasonic lx200 rumorThe information look bit logical to me So the big question is will Panasonic use the Same 16 MP OR 20 MP sensor in the upcoming LX200 camera?

We do expect at the moment that Panasonic will use the latest 20MP sensor from GX8 in its upcoming camera.

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6 comments to Panasonic LX200 Coming With 20.3MP Digital Live MOS Sensor

  • Crinosil

    If the design of the camera didn’t change then since the current camera uses 16MP that creates 12MP photos…. the new camera will have 20MP sensor that generates 16MP photos cause of Lens crop…

  • admin

    Thanks for your input

  • Melenr

    Lens will be the same? 12-35? Nothing like 85/90/100?

  • chacha

    Does this new design eliminate the dust specks-on-sensor problem?
    Can dust be cleaned off by the user? Panasonic’s factory service has lousy reputation in USA for dealing with this issue on LX100.

  • Len Vine

    Do you have any info/specs on the new Lumix LX200, and when it will be released ?

    Len Vine

  • Jeff Fenske

    They should use the entire sensor this time, by adding the 5:4 ratio. This would also make a wider field of view 1:1.

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