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Panasonic GH5s vs Sony A7S II High ISO Test

Take a look at the high ISO test comparison between the recently announced Panasonic GH5S Compared to the Sony 7s II camera. Panasonic GH5S as does arrived with lot of improvements inside camera. But, overall look and design of the camera in same except the addition of some red colours in the front or top of the camera. Images shown below credit belongs to imagine

we are going to test Image Noise between the Sony A7 S II and Panasonic GH 5S camera

Sony A7 S2 camera using a 3+ year old Sony A7S sensor . The sensor used inside Sony A7SII camera is based on FSI technology not BSI. FSI means front side illumination and BSI means backside illumination (and of course the BSI is better). Sony A7 RII was the first camera to use the BSI full frame sensor and Sony A9 is the first camera to use stacked CMOS full frame sensor. So, lot of tech improved after the announcement

Panasonic announced a low light dedicated GH5S (series) just similar to the Sony A7S II camera but Panasonic should also know that the Sony A7 S II camera is 3 years old and desperately waiting for an update. And we do also believe that this year Sony will going to announce Sony A7 S II camera with at least BSI or stacked CMOS sensor inside it, that will going to uplift the over specification as well as low light performance of the camera to a next level

Before we begin let me tell you that if you are our subscriber all reader, we have told you 3 months ago prior to the announcement of Panasonic GH 5S camera that it’s coming. so do subscribe our website social networks and download our app for latest update live news and rumors.

Sony A7S II vs Panasonic GH5S

ISO 12800 Panasonic GH 5S is showing with more saturated colours compared to the Sony A7 S II camera but the noise levels minimal and images look somehow usable at this point

ISO 25600 is a point when you will notice the raise of noise level in the sample image of the Panasonic GH5s camera. But Sony A7S II sensor maintains the image quality without showing significant noise.

Look for shadow behind the bottles, the Panasonic GH5S s showing un-acceptable level of noise at ISO 51200.

I have nothing to say. At this point both images are unusable, but GH5s is showing more noise compared to Sony A7S II camera.

panasonicGH5svsA7SII image

And finally the 204800. Why camera company unlocks such a noisy ISO levels ? too get good marks in specification sheet or for specification comparison engines ?

Panasonic GH5s vs Sony A7S II High ISO Test

Panasonic GH5S is showing more noise compared to Sony A7S III camera. And we have already posted the Video comparison of Panasonic GH5S vs the Sony A7S II here.


5 comments to Panasonic GH5s vs Sony A7S II High ISO Test

  • Phil

    For ISO 102400 you said, “I have nothing to say. At this point both images are unusable, but GH5s is showing more noise compared to GH5S camera.”
    I think the typo is probably the last GH5S which should be the Sony A7S II.


  • Howard

    Yawn. The Panasonic GH5s will make pretty good still shots in an air-conditioned lab along-side the Sony A7S-II. But it’s built primarily for videographers who can’t tolerate the weight of a Sony A7S-II setup or its requirement for “cool-down” periods. (The GH5s user manual says you can shoot continuously for 12 hours, dependent on memory and battery configuration). They have no warnings about over-heating. But page 15 of the Sony A7S-II user manual warns you that the camera’s internal temperature rises rapidly during continuous usage and image quality deteriorates. They recommend that you give the camera “cool-down” periods during heavy usage — especially on a hot day. If you don’t, the automatic thermal shutdown will trip. ….Then you put the camera aside to see whether or not it recovers. (Check user reviews at your favorite online camera store to get some idea of how many A7-series cameras never “woke up” again.)

    It would be interesting to compare the Panasonic GH5s and Sony A7S-II shooting video of motorcycle races outside Las Vegas on a hot day. I believe I’d put my money on the Panasonic.

  • admin

    Thanks Howard for you suggestions

  • steve

    Sony A7S II camera is a excellent tool. I have used A7S II with 24-70mm F4ZA lens and it works vert well…

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