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Panasonic GH5S vs Panasonic GH5 High ISO Test

Panasonic GH5s High ISO test with the Panasonic GH5s camera. We have done specification comparison review of both the camera aw while ago and we have also explained why Panasonic GH5s dropped the IS feature. Now, its time to compare the Panasonic GH5S camera for Panasonic GH5.

Panasonic GH5S vs Panasonic GH5 ISO 12800

In this sample image you can clearly see despite of having low resolution the Panasonic GH5S has 10 Megapixel sensor getting very clean images.
In Panasonic GH5 image you can see significant amount of noise is present but at the same time you are getting also with more details compared to the GH5s.

Panasonic GH5S vs Panasonic GH5 ISO 25600

Panasonic GH5S is able to maintain noise very effectively. The image captured by Panasonic GH5S showing minimal amount of noise at ISO 25600
Take a look at the image captured by the Panasonic GH5 camera at at ISO 25000. Panasonic GH5 showing a very high amount of noise at ISO 2500 and the image is completely useless. Panasonic GH5S camera is prove to be excellent tool still shooters as well as videographers / cinematographers.

But and then we have to say that Panasonic GH5S is missing the built-in image stabilization system so you have to get external image stabilizer support that is a gimble while shooting at low light conditions

We have already compared to Panasonic GH5S camera with Sony A7S II camera

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