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Amazon US Camera and Lens Deals - June 2014

We have selected some of the best camera and lens deals for the June month available at Amazon US, the page will be updated regularly till the end of June month so keep vising the page and don’t miss any single offer…

Canon Camera Deals

Up to $150 Off Select Canon Rebel DSLRs

Canon 70D Deals – $200 off

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Samsung Deals


Up to $200 Off Select Samsung NX300 and NX300M Digital Cameras

Nikon D300S Finally Archived, Nikon D400 / Nikon D9300... Rumor Update


Nikon D300s and Nikon D700 discontinued  back on January 2014, now Just few hours ago today Nikon USA and Canada moved its Nikon D300S camera to archived section or also said to be retired category.

As we have published earlier that Nikon is preparing for a press event for June month and Nikon may announce one of the following rumored products.

1. Nikon D800S: Nikon D800S is not a true successor of Nikon D800 camera, the D800s is a minor update over Nikon D800, the camera is rumored to feature same sensor and newly developed Expeed 4 image processor.
2. Nikon D9300 / D400 (name still not confirmed) – Nikon D300S successor is also rumored to arrive on June or September 2014, the camera will feature advance core specification than Nikon D7100.
3. Nikon 1 inch compact camera – Nikon 1 inch big sensor compact camera is also rumored to arrive soon.

There is also one more possibility that Canon will also introduce a entry level DSLR line-up (Nikon D2300) to compete with Canon 100D / SL1 camera, the Nikon D2300 is rumored to arrive on Photokina 2014.

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Samsung NX1 Coming on September 2014 [Rumor Update]


We are the first website to tell you that Samsung is developing a pro APS-C camera and will feature advance core specification and weather sealed design now we are getting more and more details as the announcement date is coming closer,

Take a look at the Major rumored specifications of upcoming NX1 camera.


First let’s talk about the sensor of upcoming NX1 camera, Samsung already developed advance ISOCELL tech based sensor that perform better than conventional CMOS sensor (see the details here), but recent reports say that Samsung will not use ISOCELL technology in the upcoming NX1 camera, rumors suggest that NX1 will use newly developed 28 Megapixel CMOS sensor.


The design of upcoming camera will be similar to Mamiya 6, The Mamiya 6 is a medium-format rangefinder system camera and was announced on 1989 (same year when I was born), as you can see in the image above the Mamiya 6 have flat design with a large hand-grip.

As we know that Samsung is a veteran player in making display system, the viewfinder of the NX1 camera is said to have highest res on market and will feature advance tech (eye tracking as Sony?)


The upcoming NX1 camera may feature Tizen OS, we are still bit Un-confirmed on this point.

Continuous shooting upto 10fps: Samsung will break all records if they are able to add a 10fps continuous shooting mode at full resolution (28 megapixel).

The Price will be approx $1300 (quite reasonable compare to its competitors), the camera will be announced on Sepetember 2014 and availability in stock starts from November 2014.


Canon 7D Mark II Coming on August 2014


Recent rumors suggest that Canon pro dealers in Germany are getting press invites for July month to prepare for a particular announcement in August 2014 , according to a rumor we have published few days ago that Canon 7D will be discontinued on July ,  both rumors clearly indicates that Canon will replace the 5 year old Canon 7D DSLR with new Canon 7D Mark II camera.

We will get more update, specification and image as the announcement date will come closer. STAY WITH ON FACEBOOK | TWITTER | GOOGLE+ to get live news + canon rumors 24X7+

source – NL.com

Sigma DP2 Quattro Stock Coming on May, 2014


As you can see online retailers ( including  B&H ) not showing pre-order or availaibility details of Sigma DP2 Quattro, based on latest rumors surfaced over the web the Sigma is busy in modification of the recently announced Sigma DP2 Quattro camera and we hope that it will become available for pre-order from last week of May of 1st week of June.

A quick look at history – It’s not the first time as far as I can remember Sigma DP1 was announced on September 26, 2006, and after several production delays (technical modification / implementing latest technologies etc…,) was finally arrived in stock at spring of 2008 (2 years of gap) and just after 1 year Sigma DP2 was also announced.

Also see  – As  we have published few days ago, Sigma DP2 production model is already in the hand of few people… according to a famous Belgian retailer PCH.  Sigma DP2 Quattro image quality is similar to Pentax 645z

source SR.com

Sony A77 II vs Canon 70D


Sony A77 II vs Canon 70D, Sony A77 II is recently announced professional APS-C camera and Canon 70D is a approx 1 year old semi-professional APS-C camera from Canon, take a look at the specification comparison below.


Sony A77 II has more  resolution + more ISO range compared to Canon 70D. But the more ISO range is not so useful as we can clearly see in the High ISO Test the Canon 70D showing more details.

AF System:
Both System features HYBRID AF system but the Hybrid AF system in both the camera implemented in a different way.

The Sony uses SLT technology, in SLT technology uses fixed translucent  mirror above the sensor and approx 20 – 30% of light transferred to the AF sensor and rest of the light goes to image sensor, the fixed mirror-technology compromises with image quality but gives you very fast AF and continuous shooting speed.

The Canon 70D uses Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology, the Canon 70D sensor integrates two separate photodiodes within each pixel to provide a broad and dense network of phase-detection gathering elements to help reduce focusing time required by traditional contrast based system camera.

Canon 70D AF points are less than Sony A77 II, and the other most important part is continuous shooting speed, Sony A77 II is can shoot 12 frames per second at a bit higher resolution , Canon 70D is limited to 7 fps only.

Video: Sony A77 II can shoot full HD videos @ 60fps on the other hand Canon Full HD mode is limited to 30fps only.

Display: 3.0″ 1,040k-Dot Vari-Angle Touchscreen, you can also shoot your subject just by tapping on the screen, Sony A77 II comes with 3.0″ 1,228k-Dot 3-Way Tilting LCD Screen (no touch control available in A77 II).

NFC in A77 II: Sony A77 II is bit more social camera compared to Canon 70D since it comes with built in NFC, so you can syn. any of your smart device to shoot form a distance.

I have added one pic only to show the image quality difference, the Sony A77 II image is down-sampled to match with Canon 70D.


Canon 70D showing natural colors with more details compared to Sony A77 II, why Sony A77 II is showing bit more reddish hue in the image ?

Verdict: For sports shooter and Videographers we highly recommend you to buy Sony A77 II, if you are a still shooter we recommend go with Canon 70D.

Canon 70D at Amazon | B&H | Canon 70D at Amazon | B&H |

Sony RX100 M3 vs Canon G1X Mark II vs Ricoh GR vs Panasonic GM1

A High ISO test recently done by french website Focus Numerique, If you look at the image below you will surely see that Sony RX100 M3 showing more details at 100% compared to large sensor cameras, a quick info about the sensor specification – Sony RX100 M3 features 20.1MP 1″ Exmor R BSI CMOS Sensor, Canon G1X Mark II have newly developed 12.8MP High-Sensitivity 1.5″ CMOS Sensor, Ricoh GR have 16.2MP APS-C Format CMOS Sensor and finally GM1 have 16MP M4/3 format Digital Live MOS Sensor.

Buy Pre-order RX100 M3 at Amazon | B&H

Sony RX100 M3 vs Canon G1X Mark II vs Ricoh GR vs Panasonic GM1