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Firmware Update

Sony Ignoring RX1 Series Compact Line

Sony-RX1-imageThe big question is why Sony isn’t’ putting any attention towards the development of its fullframe compact camera line-up – “the RX series”. The first RX series camera was announced on Sep 12, 2012 and after less than year of gap Sony announced it’s new RX1R camera on June 2013 having same core specification as of Sony RX1 camera. The only major difference between the both was the absence of low-pass filter inside Sony RX1R camera.

It’s almost 2 years, 2 months, and 17 days passed after the announcement of RX1R series camera and no update arrived till now. The worst part of the game is Sony even didn’t announced any single firmware update of Sony RX1 or RX1R.

Sony RX1 camera user Benjamin Gutheil from Germany added a petition for a Sony RX1 / RX1R firmware update  on


Click here to visit

Buying Alert for professional camera users

I highly recommend you to buy Leica Q fullframe camera if you are planning to a new fullframe compact camera – see Leica Q vs. Sony RX1R

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Wild Rumor: Olympus to Make Lenses for Sony Fullframe E-Mount Cameras

After looking at the success of Sony FE Mount cameras and Sony’s future plans, finally Olympus decided to Jump on Sony ship. According to some wild rumors floating over the web Olympus will soon announce its first “Zuiko 35mm f/2.8″ lens for Sony FE Mount system cameras.

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Canon Working on 800mm DO Lens


We have published the patent information on May 17th, 2013 related to 800mm DO  and according to latest rumors surfaced over the web Canon is finally working on DO version of the poplar EF 800mm F5.6L IS. . Generally a patent takes 2 to 3 years of time to come as a real product, the buffering time of the 800mm Lens is almost over and finally we will see a real product in 2016.

The price of the lens is expected around between $15,000-$20,000USD. The Price of the current version of 800mm lens is Price: $12,999.00 [see at Amazon]

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Nikon D760 - Our Expectations with Nikon D750 Successor

Nikon D750 is about to finish its first birthday since it was announced in September 2014. However it’s a matter of a complete praise that the camera succeeded to get through its cut off and finally secured its own place among the best DSLRs’ in the huge competitive market. But after completing almost one year we’re unable to cross through any kind of news or even rumors related to the successor of this popular Nikon D750. So, we think it could be a good to write something as per our thoughts about what we could expect of Nikon 760D (assumed name) or may be turned into D750 successor.

Users want some latest and updated version of Nikon D750. Well, we’re unable to understand the policy of Nikon Whether they are looking forward to do some quick work for Nikon 760D or not. Just see our expectations for 760D. Hope the stuffs could feature according to our expectation.

What about resolution? We do expect that the resolution of the successor of respected Nikon D750 will remain same as it employs 24.3MP FX-Format CMOS Sensor because As far as I am concerned Nikon users are satisfied with this 24.3MP of resolution and the camera and good thing is D750 current sensor is well enough to deliver the sharp images and the quality that we’d like to see.

Our calculation is saying that we would be lucky enough to see something new about the image processor. Though, we don’t feel any bravado in giving a fake name to the image processor but we have right to expect a fast Image Processor inside the body of Nikon D760, then we guess D760 will use either use Dual Expeed 4 or Single Expeed 5 so it will be an interesting thing to notice the major boost in the camera core specs .

 ISO- May be many of photographers didn’t realize the expandable ISO of 51200 in Nikon D750 more supportive so Nikon perhaps take it as a serious issue and increase expandable ISO upto 102400 so that the users of this Nikon D760 can be confident in the challenging situation of lowlight shooting. We hope Nikon do this.

Another and may be the final big thing we would think ourselves be favored by Nikon if they update Continuous shooting speed from 6.5fps to 8fps-10fps to freeze the action of the desired subjects instantly.

These were the few things we expect the design of Nikon D760 would come up with. Do share your thoughts with us.

Featured Comments

High ISO is not a priority at all! the current D750 is really good in low light situations! Who really wants to shoot at 102400!!! 6400 is the maximum I would use but normally restrict myself to 3200 when shooting concerts for example.
But on the other end of the ISO scale, I think native 50ISO would be a plus

Yes, as “none” said, 1/8000sec shutter speed would be much more useful in daylight shooting!

A bigger area for the AF points would be a plus!

More frames per second? Not sure people buy this camera for action or sport! If you’re a professional you’ll certainly buy another camera por sport like the D4. Not the same budget of course…

People like me, have bought that camera mainly for its video capabilities, so what we expect from the update of the D750 is to shoot in 4K/UHD (but not only in 24p as Canon D1-C, but also up to 50/60p + 120p in FHD. This will be the real piece of news! But Nikon will put this feature on its about to be announced D5 first!!! So, a bet we will have to wait a bit before this feature goes down the line up!

A practical improvement in the audio department, would be to invert the order of the mic input connector and headphone output connector! Apparently nobody complains about what seems to me to be totally anti ergonomic as mic is generally placed on the top of your DSLR. The actual configuration of these two connectors obliges you to cross your headphone and mic cables! Not natural at all!!!

Still talking of the video possibilities, it would be great to set the speed of the motorised diafragm. It’s way too low for a nice effect!!! An option in the fast access menu to set it like slow, middle and fast would be just great!!!!

Something that would also be practical when shooting a concert or at night, is the possibility to retro illuminate buttons like, if I’m not mistaken, on the D4, Just as you can illuminate the upper display!!!

Quite to finish with, I really would appreciate to have a configurable AF ON button on the right of the AE/AF lock button like on the D8XX cameras

Last but not least, for videographor a wonderfull thing would be a remote triggering like the MC-DC2 but with more options (lots of configurable buttons-at least 4)so that you don’t have to touch the body when shooting videos

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Best accessories for Sony A7R II

Sony-A7R-II-Coming-soonSony A7R II from B&H and Amazon

Prince would be a good pronounce for Sony Alpha 7RII, a prince of Cameras’ Kingdom.  After the announcement of this sturdy camera the eager to know more about it among the users was commendable.

You know any manufacturer should feel proud to bring the fabulous camera like Sony Alpha 7RII. Its shiny specifications including 42.4 MP Exmor R BSI CMOS Sensor and BIONZ X Image Processor, Fast Hybrid AF with 399 Phase-Detect Points and fast 5-axis IS is the basic ingredients for a professional weapon.

The camera has almost reached to the height that Sony wanted to, The necessary things for the users of this camera is to know more about its accessories because everything has its own importance.

Best Lens for Sony A7R II


Lens- Which lens do you think better to choose for Sony alpha 7RII camera that can deliver loud and clear images all the time? Then we must suggest Sony Vario-Tessar T FE 24-70mm f/4 ZA OSS Lens, the lens do blazing fast AF and covers a excellent range for all types of professional work.

Sony-A7rii-lensBuy Sony 24-70mm Zoom Lens from Amazon | B&H

A wide-angle to portrait-length zoom lens that features a constant f/4 maximum aperture to support consistent performance throughout the zoom range.The incorporation of five aspherical elements and one extra-low dispersion element faithfully reduces aberrations and distortions throughout the zoom range with providing clarity. The anti-reflective coating smoothly minimizes lens flare and ghosting for contrast-rich imagery with sustained color neutrality. The Optical SteadyShot image stabilization engineered in the lens to provide you camera shake correction and the lens employs Circular diaphragm to deliver you natural bokeh or out of focus part of the desire subject.

Best Memory Card for Sony A7R II

Memory card- You can transfer your desire file (still or 4K video) instantly with Sony 128GB High Speed UHS-I SDXC U3 Memory Card (Class 10), a high class memory card for a higher class camera.


Buy 128GB Sony Class 10 Memory Card from Amazon | B&H

This memory card is compatible with the UHS Speed Class 3 rating denoting a minimum data read speed of 30 MB/s which is sufficient for capturing 4K content as well as high speed burst mode photos. The file transfer gets done With a maximum data read speeds of up to 94 MB/s and write speed of up to 70 MB/s, no matter the size of the files are. The best part is even some important data may be accidentally deleted then you can get these back through downloadable File Rescue software available via Sony. This memory card is waterproof, dust-proof, temperature proof, and provide protection for both UV and static allowing you to shoot with ease without any problem.

Keep Extra Battery for Sony A7R II

Sony and Watson both develop batteries for the recently announced Sony A7R II camera, the battery of Watson is bit affordable and on the other hand branded Sony battery cost is bit high but it’s made by Sony for Sony A7R II.

Sony  NP-FW50 Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery (1020mAh), Sony’s own production and provides necessary power for a7rii and I highly recommend you to buy the Original battery made by Sony.

batteryBuy Sony Original Power-bank for Sony A7R II from Amazon | B&H

Option #2

Watson NP-FW50 Lithium-Ion Battery Pack (7.4V, 1000mAh)- The battery does the same work for Sony A7rii as NP-FW50 Lithium ion battery does. This battery features a capacity of 1000mAh, 7.4V of output power and 7.4 watt-hours.

watson-batteryBuy Watson battery from Amazon | B&H

Small and lightweight and this beloved battery can be charged or discharged at any time without affecting memory.

Best  Canon EF Lens Adapter for Sony A7R II


Metabones – If you are a long time Canon DSLR user and have bunch of high quality L series Lenses than the Metabones  Canon EF Lens to Sony E-Mount Camera Lens Mount Adapter is the best tool for you.

metabonesBy Metabones form B&H

When the adapter is attached with a Canon lens it provides full electronic communication between the camera and lens and as a result provides automatic aperture control, EXIF data, image stabilization and high speed Autofocus. The biggest plus points about this adapter is that it required no external power source because adapter is powered by camera body, Wide-Open button enables aperture to remain open for clear manual focusing.

 Best External Flash for Sony A7R II

Sony – HVL-F60M External Flash- Best flash for Sony Alpha 7RII camera and it can be used by both still photographers and videographers.


This flash has tremendous range and intelligence. The flash features bonus LED light for videography when needed. Leave HSS on and shoot at whatever aperture you want. The flash  shows excellent precision all the time without an issue. The built in LED light is such a nice bonus and the luminosity of it is adjustable. Highly Recommended for Sony A7R II users.

Battery Grips for Sony Alpha 7RII



The Sony Vertical Battery Grip Provide a more comfort while shooting when you use this grip with Sony a 7RII. The two NP-FW50 batteries in this grip are kept in a bit separation to double your shooting time. The working rule of this the grip uses a battery with lower power first, then automatically switches to the one with greater power when the first is completely drained. The grip designed with an extra shutter button, as well as front/back control dials and Auto Exposure Lock. All controls are designed appropriately for easy, comfortable access. The buttons, dials, battery cover and connecting terminal on the grip are packed to keep safe and sound from dust and moisture.


Finally A Sony Fullframe E-Mount Kit Lens Coming with Fixed F2.8 Aperture

Good News for Sony Fullframe E-Mount camera users: A new lens name “SEL2470 GM” spotted in Russia. We do expect that Sony is fully prepared to announce a new high quality fast zoom lenses series “GM” and first lens of that series will be 24-70mm F2.8 Lens. The Lens will arrive on possibly on Sep-Oct 2015.

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Rokinon New Series of Xeen Lenses Announced

Xeen-lenses pre-order at B&H Photo Video

Rokinon announced a series of three latest cinema lenses namely Xeen 24mm T1.5, Xeen 50mm T1.5, Xeen 85mm T1.5. All these lenses are available for Canon EF mount, Nikon F mount, Sony E-mount, M43 mount.

All the three lenses have common features and there is no difference in their specification and performs according to its compatibility. Each lens in the XEEN series has common focus and iris gear ring at perfect positions which is sufficient to fasten the settings of the lens changes. Its internal focus is designed in such a manner that during focusing, the size of the lens remains unchanged.

As each lens is multi-coated, this favors better contrast, glare prevention, and magnificent color combination during capturing subjects.


It is useful for both full-frame cameras as well as camera with small formats. However these lenses are made for full-frame sensor camera so you will notice the crop-factor issue while using them with APS-C or 4/3 format sensor.



The lens features metal construction to withstand the rigors of daily production, and it incorporates a support that can help take strain off your camera’s lens port. The focus ring rotates 200° from close focus to infinity; which results with a high degree of precision and consistent focus.

All the three lenses have the common 114mm front diameter which allows for quick lens changes as there is no need to swap out anti-reflection donuts or adapters. The non-rotating front allows you to use optional clip-on matte boxes.

The entire three lenses features “Clickless” aperture ring for smooth iris pulls.

The one thing which is different for all the three lenses is the minimum focusing distance due to its different opticl elements and focal length of the images.. A minimum focusing distance of 24mm T1.5 lens, 50mm and 85mm lenses are 10”, 18” and 3’9” respectively , which allows the users to get up close to their subject so that they can capture the best imagery of the subject .

As we have said above all the three lenses are available for Canon EF mount, Nikon F mount, Sony E-mount, M43 mount. The users can book them now through pre-order via B&H Photo Video

It is expected that all the three lenses will be available on August 13, 2015. The cost of each lens is $2,495.00.