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Firmware Update

Sony New Sensor with Active-Pixel Color Technology

Sony-new-sensorSony developed a completely new technology that will sure kick out the old Bayer sensor technology, new “Active-Pixel Color Sampling sensor (APCS)”  will arrive in 2015! The sensor captures full color information, will give excellent low-light performance and also have the ability to record 2K video with 16,000 frames per second… full details below


Traditional RGB pixel removed – All type of Bayer sensor have three Basic color pixels inside – Red, Green and Blue, and your image reconstructed after after after shutter button is pressed…..  in the new sensor there is no need reconstruct image by basic colors, the sensor is able to capture full color information… so in return you will get excellent low-light performance and dynamic range.

Other positive points of the new sensor

– Bigger pixels compared to same resolution Bayer sensor. This means more electrons captured and therefore higher dynamic range and lower noise (crazy ISO possible…even crazier than those of the Sony A7s).
– No moire issues anymore. No Anti Aliasing filter needed (increases per pixel sharpness).
– That tech also allows to make crazy high megapixel sensor. For example if you keep an Sony’s APCS pixel size same as the current Sony A7r 36MP RGB pixel size sensor you could in theory make a much higher resolution sensor with same noise level.
– Less pixels to read means also faster processing and readout.
– You actually can have a “full-monochrome” sensor

Other key features of the new APCS sensor:
– Electronic Global shutter. No more “jello” effect on videos!
– Records 2K with 16,000 frames per second (processor doesn’t have to be interpolate between RGBG pixels and therefore can use full power to read out more frames per second!). Note that the current Arri Phantom Flex shoots 4K at 1,000 frames per second.
Sony may introduce the new sensor technology in the upcoming Sony XPeriz Z4 flagship smartphone, later on the sensor will be implemented in Digital cameras.

Petition for Sony DSC-RX1 and Sony RX1R Firmware Update


Thanks to Benjamin Gutheil for contacting me and sharing his online Petition for Firmware Update for DSC-RX1 and RX1R , I personally think that Sony must issue a firmware update to resolve the  issue of premium compact mentioned below..

SONY´s premium DSC-RX1 camera was released 2012 and there has not been a single firmware update to address even the most basic issues of the camera. The recently released RX1R uses the same old firmware with identical issues.

It is very likely that the RX1 will not be continued and that it will never receive a firmware update in the future. This petition has been created to show SONY that RX1/R owners are interested in a firmware update and that we are upset about their nonexistent customer support.

Other companies like Fuji, Canon, Nikon, Pentax or Samsung constantly try to improve their products and are willing to listen to concerns and suggestions of their customers. Since 2012 SONY has clearly shown that they are not interested in caring about the customers of their flagship DSC-camera.

Some of it´s most basic faults that can be resolved via firmware update include:

– Non-zoom focus peaking: Focus peaking should work without zoom magnification to enable composition and focus of moving scenes (street photography)

– Option to deactivate exposure simulation: Dark Scenes shot with flash are often impossible to compose due to the fact that the exposure simulation is always enabled. Scenes are often displayed too dark which also renders the optional electronic viewfinder useless

– Settable minimum shutter speed when using auto ISO

– Focus Peaking in video mode

– Auto ISO should have the option to go to ISO 50 as well

– Option to disable the focus reset to infinity when entering the sleep mode

– Focus scale / Depths of field indicator in the display

– Slow wake-up after sleep mode or power up

– Option to reverse direction of the focus ring

I am just a single person so please feel free to share and promote this petition!  Show SONY that we customers had enough of their lackluster customer support

Click here to sign in the online petition and support

Sony Pro Mirrorless Camera Coming on Feb 2015


According to latest rumors Sony will announce a new fullframe mirrorless camera in next two to three months of time, so we may see Sony new pro FF mirrorless camera on World premiere show CP+2015 (February, 2015)…


As we have already seen the three different category of Sony Fullframe mirrorless camera announced in past, the Sony A7 dedicated for fast AF performance, the A7R features a 36MP high-resolution sensor and the last announced A7s camera is made for super low-light performance, (features Expandable Sensitivity: ISO 50-409600 and also supports 4K recording)… But according to SAR sources the upcoming Sony fullframe camera is bit different from all these three (or maybe a mixture of two) and will start a new product category.

We expect that the upcoming mirrorless camera is a mixture of fast AF performance of Sony A6000 and high sensitivity sensor as of A7s, we already published few days ago that Sony is trying to transfer the Sony A6000 Fast & advance HYBRID AF technology to the upcoming Fullframe E-mount mirrorless camera (see here), Stay with us and more coming…

sources – sonyalpharumor (SAR)

Canon Finally Announced 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS USM II lens

The rumored Canon second generation of 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS USM II lens announced today, the major physical difference between the old and the new Zoom lens is use old / traditional rotating zoom ring and the push and pull zoom lens gone, If we look inside the Canon is giving Hybrid Image stabilization mode inside the new lens, that includes standard, panning, and during exposure only — and will give you approx 4-stops of stabilization.

Canon added One Fluorite and one Super UD element to insure super sharp images even when viewed at 100%, other noticeable improvement includes is the reduction of minimum focusing difference from 6.5 feet to 3.2 feet, 9 -blade circular aperture Electro-Magnetic Diaphragm for circular bokeh.

The old lens will cost you approx $1700 but the new lens with advance core specification will cost you approx $2200.

Pre-order this lens from B&H Store

Rokinon Announces 12mm T3.1 ED AS IF NCS UMC Cine DS fisheye lens


The Rokinon 12mm T3.1 ED AS IF NCS UMC Cine DS Fisheye lens announced today, the lens features aperture range of 3.1 to 22, the lens is built with Extra low dispersion elements and two Aspherical elements and on outer surface the lens is coated with Nano Crystal and UMC Lens Coating that improve light transmission and reduce ghosting. More details and buying links are below…

  • Aperture Range: T3.1 to 22
  • Three Extra Low Dispersion Elements
  • Two Aspherical Elements
  • Nano Crystal and UMC Lens Coating
  • Manual Focus; Internal Focus System
  • Geared Focus and Aperture Rings
  • De-Clicked Manual Aperture Ring
  • 180º Angle of View
  • Removable Petal-Shaped Lens Hood

Rokinon 12mm T3.1 ED AS IF NCS UMC Cine DS fisheye lens for Canon EFNikon FPentax KSony A and Sony E mounts

Sony Next E-mount Camera Coming in January 2015

According to latest rumors surfaced over the web Sony will announce it’s next E-mount Camera on January 2015, no confirmation about the model names are available yet.


Few days in an interview published (see here) at DPreview Mr. Kenta from Sony confirmed that next generation of Full frame E-mount camera coming soon and in the next part of the interview the he also added that Sony is trying to transfer the Sony A6000 Fast & advance HYBRID AF technology to the upcoming Fullframe E-mount mirrorless camera.

We know that Sony A7 and A7R is over 1 year old so we do hope that Sony may soon announce update of A7 camera with newly developed Hybrid AF Fullframe sensor and advance core specification.



Camera Lenses Deals

Again in the lens deals page We have selected some of lens deals available at Amazon, Adorama and B&H. Black Friday 2014 is almost here, but we didn’t want you to wait until the day after Thanksgiving for Black Friday deals, so we kicked off our own deals page that will give you some of the best deals available on web…


 sigma lenses image  wide angle lenses small
Save Up to $300 on Top Rated Sigma Lenses Save up to $80 on Sigma Wide Angle Lenses
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Deep Discount on Lenses

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 Save up to $200 on Select Fujifilm XF Lenses Save up to $150 on Select Canon Lenses via Mail-in Rebate Save $100 on Panasonic 35-100mm Lens
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