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Three Important Tips for Shooting Actors and Models

It is not at all unusual for students and professionals working in photography to know people in the performing arts. The relationship can by symbiotic – they might provide the photographer access to performances, performers and all that might go with those things. And, they might need you, the person with the camera and skills – for head shots (actors) or a comp card (models). As most are not yet rich and famous, they may want you to do it on a shoestring budget at that.

This is not a bad proposition for an early-career photographer. Particularly for students, it can be the beginning of their own work in a professional context. Imagine what it might mean for those attending photography schools in NYC (the New York Film Academy among many others), where literally thousands of young people are vying for fashion shoots, roles in TV and film, and on Broadway (or, more likely, off-Broadway). They need some pictures. And who else to supply them but someone approximately their age who will not charge an arm and a leg for it?

If you have been approached about creating portraiture for an actor or model, a few tips might help make it a successful project for both of you. They are:

Establish expectations: This means that you have to create rapport with your subject-client. Ask about their previous experience in front of a camera, including if it was bad or good for them. Have the individual send some pictures of themselves that they liked in advance of the shoot, as well as images they didn’t like. Also, ask them to provide an example of shots of other people who achieved what they hope to get out of a shoot.

A highly stylized shot requires extra effort in lighting and sets. Your model should know that generally costs more.

Outline the parameters: This is where you find out exactly what they want, and how much they are willing to pay for it. You need to know how many final, usable shots they will need. Do they want them retouched? Retouching will typically be more extensive with models, as actors get into trouble if they over-beautify themselves. As is standard practice for professional photographers, you will basically sell them license to use your photographs but you will not give them your RAW files. Much of this would be outlined in a contract template that you can get from the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP), which provides online tutorials and forms on writing contracts. Keep in mind that all your work should remain your intellectual property, and the contract helps explain that to the client.

For actors, character shots help illustrate personality, expression and range.

Find their most natural expressions: First and foremost, you need to make the subject as relaxed and comfortable as possible. This is a key skill – and perhaps the toughest task – for any commercial photographer working with human subjects. Here’s why: The human face is not capable of producing an authentic smile unless it’s truly felt. The involuntary muscles around the eyes simply do not match a mouth smile unless the person is truly laughing or chuckling or otherwise genuinely happy in the moment. One way to get the client to let go of natural tension in the face is to ask them to do goofy faces and to move the jaw and shoulders around. (Almost all people hold most of their tension in their jaw and shoulders.) When you start shooting, do not hold lighting or reflectors too close to the model/actor; they need to feel they have room to move in space.

An animated picture has life, where even a still can suggest movement.

In general, you should create close-up and full body shots of models, as well as hand shots if they expect to find specialized work in that area. Actors should tell you if they audition for serious, comedic, romantic or action roles – the kinds of photographs you create need to be consistent with those goals.

Each of these steps provides valuable and productive experience for both the photographer and the subject. Of course, with practice, you will get better at it over time – all the more reason to start doing this as soon as possible.

Authors Bio:
Brian Dilg is Chair of Photography at the Photography School at the New York Film Academy. In addition to 20 years of professional teaching experience around the world, his work has been published in The New York Times, Time Out, Village Voice and covers of books published by Simon and Schuster, Random House and Hyperion. He has also worked in post-production for major fashion houses, consumer products manufacturers and media organizations. He also has won awards as a filmmaker and worked as a director, cinematographer and editor of narrative, documentary, music video and commercial films.

Canon 650D / T4i at DxOMark Lab

DxOMark 650D Review

See before you read this article please understand our duty is to put the latest news / rumors in front of our members / visitors. We are not against any brand OR product.

Latest news coming from DxOMark Lab, canon 650D / T4i score is out now and the overall score is less than the old 600D / T3i DSLR, the results are very disappointing for Canon fans and 650D owners.

From DxOLab

When we first heard the announcement about the EOS 650D and its new sensor, we hoped to see a gain in image quality sensor performance, but the Canon EOS 650D’s sensor scores have left our hopes high and dry. Clearly this 18 Mpix sensor’s only new feature is its hybridized autofocus (which includes the specialization of certain photosites)……………………….. For the EOS 650D’s sensor, however, even its hybridized autofocus cannot deflect the conclusion drawn from our DxOMark test results: “same old, same old.”

The test process of DxOMark mark is a matter of discussion, but canon technical adviser chuck westfall is never happy with the Canon sensor scores.

Source DxOMark Lab

Canon G15 vs. LX7 - High ISO Test

Canon G15 against Panasonic LX7, both the camera images look fine till ISO 800, from ISO 1600 noticeable amount of noise starts from both the camera.

So which one will you buy LX7 or G15, You save $50 if you purchase Panasonic LX7 camera. Share your thoughts with us…

Canon G15 vs LX7


Canon 1DX vs. Nikon D4 - High ISO War

The first High ISO test was done by  Xerodigital and Now its time for (non-english website) focus-numerique, during the test 1DX performance was better than the D4, Canon images are usable up to IS 12800, Nikon D4 is limited to ISO 6400. The scene is illuminated at 200 lux, the Canon EOS-1D was at 1/4 s, f / 5.6 & ISO 100.


translated by google

You can also compare images from the Canon 1D X with those of the Nikon D4 16 MP. So who is the winner of this clash of the titans? Overall, the Canon to the housing pro Nikon with better grain content (it is almost invisible at ISO 6400). D4 is already showing its limits to ISO 6400, sensitive to the 1D X which seems to be very comfortable. In 12800, the red mark still dominates its rival will not return the head to ISO 25600.

Canon 1DX vs D4

Full test samples available for download / see the full review here (Translated bu google)

See More Canon 1DX vs. Nikon D4 Specification Comparison Review

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Buy Canon 1D X from Amazon

Sony India Announced Cyber-shot H100 camera

Sony H100Sony India today announced affordable zoom camera Cyber-shot H100, the camera features 16 Megapixel Super HAD CCD sensor and 21X optical zoom, see the major specification and price below

Major Specification

  • Super HAD CCD sensor with 16.1 effective megapixels for detailed images
  • Powerful optical 21x zoom covers wide 25mm- tele 525mm
  • Movie (720p) can be recorded in high definition quality
  • Clear Photo LCD (approx. 460k dots) shows images in detail
  • Intelligent Auto makes shooting easier and minimizes missed shots even in difficult shooting situations

The H100 is only available in India with a price tag of Rs 12,990. / approx $249.

Source – Sony India

Live View AF Speed Test: Nikon D600 vs. Pentax K-5 vs. NEX-7

Live View AF Speed Test: Nikon D600 vs. Pentax K-5 vs. NEX-7, Nikon D600 have Full Frame Sensor, other two have APS-C, …NEX 7 AF speed is very fast.

Nikon V2 To be Announced Soon [Confirmed]

Nikon V2After our yesterday post “Nikon V2 Coming Soon” Nikon Rumors [NR] also confirmed that Nikon V1 will be announced very soon, so we may see V2 model may have WiFi and GPS capabilities, we will update you soon as we get any new information.

Update: Nikon V2 announced