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Firmware Update

Sony A7 II and Sony A7R II Coming Soon

In a recent interview published at DPreview Mr. Kenta from Sony confirmed that next generation new generation of Full frame E-mount camera coming soon and in the next part of the interview the he also added that Sony is trying to transfer the Sony A6000 Fast & advance HYBRID AF technology to the upcoming Fullframe E-mount mirrorless camera,

The other important points of the interview are… (via Sonyalpharumor – SAR)
1) we are aiming sport and pro photographers with the next generation(s) of FF E-mount
2) We are seeing the transition from DSLR to Mirrorless happening. DSLR will remain in a very high end niche.
3) The Telephoto prime lens (300mm) is something we get asked to make from our users
4) We don’t know if A and E-mount will merge one day. For now we keep developing booth.
5) The number one key tech to acquire customers is develop auto-focusing
6) Next generation FF E-mount cameras will get more customizability

At the end we don’t want to mention that the Sony A7 and Sony A7R camera was announced on 16 Oct, 2013 and need an update so we may see a new Sony A7 II and A7R II camera soon with advance core specification and new sensor soon.

Now the video interview published at dpreview

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Olympus PEN Camera with Vertical Sensor Coming?

olympus-Pen-series-coming-sAccording to latest rumors Olympus is testing a new type of PEN camera, the camera is rumored to feature a newly customized CMOS sensor with same size like the original film pens,

part of the article published at 43rumors.com

The pen line isn’t discontinued, rather it’s being taken back to it’s roots. One of the mockups has the sensor in a portrait orientation like the original film pens, the space saved by the shutter traveling sideways rather than vertically allowing a viewfinder above it (still in the center line of camera, which is hard to do with the vertical running shutter, almost all other mirrorless have the EVF on the left hand edge or a hump because of it).

But the source who published the information also suggest that the Olympus management may not approve the camera for final production because it’s too much “risk”.


Canon 6D Mark II Coming Soon

Canon-6D-Discontinued-ImageCanon 6D Mark II at Amazon UK

Canon 6d is finally discontinued by canon… that clearly means that new Canon 6d Mark II is coming soon, we do Hope that the upcoming 6d Mark II will feature dual pixel CMOS AF sensor and New DIGIC 6 Image Processor, however we don’t have any confirmations yet but we will update you soon as we get any new information…

Also see – Canon 750D Rumor Update – October 2014 and Canon Upcoming Cameras 2015

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Sony Upcoming Cameras 2015


Sony DSC R1 Waiting for Replacement

We have collected the list of Sony rumored camera that may be announced on 2014-2015, take a look and share your thoughts with us…

Sony-A7000-image1. Sony A7000

We have already published a lot of rumored information related to A7000 camera (see here and here),  so finally we do expect that Sony will announce Sony A7000 camera in the month of Jan and Feb, 2015. The camera is rumored to feature newly developed APS-C sensor optimized for low-light performance , the sensor will also feature active phase pixels inside the sensor for fast AF performance, viewfinder similar to the current Sony NEX 6 camera and a Tri nav display … Sony is also rumored to announce a new Zeiss 16-50mm compact zoom lens. Camera body will cost you approx $699 USD, Zeiss lens to retail for $1199.


2. Sony Medium Format Camera Rumor

  • Sony Medium Format Mirrorless camera – Recently published Sony leaked document is showing a newly developed medium format sensor with active phase AF pixels inside with a limited ISO range of 100-6400…
  • Sony Compact Medium Format Camera Rumor - Sony RX2 (Name is not confirmed yet) will feature Sony 50 MP medium format sensor and advance core specification.


3. Sony 8K Camera

According to the recent rumors published few days ago Sony is testing a prototype of 8K Camera that look like Sony A99 with grip, so as we have already said here,  so there are two possibilities,

  • The first one is Sony may announce a new compact cinema line-up as Canon EOS C (cinema) series or
  • It is also possible that upcoming A99 II may have a option to record 8K Videos.

Other camera that do deserve attention

Sony A99 II Camera -  The Sony A99 II update is due and according to latest rumors Sony will add a 36 MP FF sensor in the A99 II body, a option to record 4K / 8K video and will also feature world fastest AF speed due to SLT technology.

Sony RX10 II / Sony RX20 – Sony RX10 was announced on October 2013,  based on the rumors surfaced over the web the RX20 / RX10 will arrive 4K recording option and XAVC-S Codec format support, plus 120fps frame rate option will be added to the HD recording of Sony RX20. Now October 2014 is passed an no update arrived yet, we do believe that Sony will announce the RX20 / RX10 II successor as soon as possible to avoid damage from FZ1000.

Sony RX100M IV – The next Sony RX100 M series camera will arrive on August 2014, we are almost sure that Sony will add 4K Video recording option of Sony RX100M IV camera.

What we are still missing?

A APS-C compact camera from Sony, a true successor of DSC RC1 camera.

Surprise - DxOMark Score of Canon G7X is better than Sony RX100 M3

canon-g7x-test-score-img2Canon G7X Surprised us, since we already know that the Canon G7X is using Sony RX100 M3 sensor but the test score showed better result than the current RX100 M3 camera, take a look at the result below and comparison with other premium compact camera of same class…

What DXO Says :-

With a DxOMark Sensor score 71 the G7 X ranks highly in our database rivaling classics such as the original full-frame Canon EOS 5D, the APS-C Nikon D300s and more modern designs such as the micro four thirds Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX7 and GM1 and outperforming the Nikon 1 series models with the same size sensor, such as the S1 at 56 points.

Buy Canon G7X from Amazon||  Buy RX100 M3 at Amazon | B&H

Sony Medium Format Leaked Specification - Fake OR Real?

Finally the first set Specification of Sony upcoming Medium format camera surfaced over the web today, but it’s hard to believe that the specification is true.. Since the leaked document is showing a newly developed medium format sensor with active phase AF pixels inside it (not same as of recently announced Sony Medium Format sensor) and the next wired thing is it’s limited ISO range of 100-6400…  on the other hand the Sony FF sensor based Sony A7 camera features a ISO range of 100-25600 and the recently announced Pentax 645Z camera (that uses Sony Sensor) features ISO range of 100 to 204800.

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Pentax K-S1 in Three New Colors

pentans-k-s1-colos-imagesCamera manufacturing company Ricoh announced three new colours of the Pentak K-S1 DSLR camera. Ricoh named these as “The Sweet Collection” comprising of three colours: “Lime pie”, ”Strawberry cake” and ”Blue cream soda”. But again Who will buy it?

A Quick look at the core specification
The camera features a 20.12MP APS-C CMOS sensor for clear and high resolution images. It also supports sensor shift Image stabilization system. Additionally a 11 point phase detection autofocus system is also featured for sharp and quick focusing of subjects. It’s built with a pentaprism viewfinder and a 3”921K dots LCD for live time monitoring and playback. Features a broad ISO sensitivity of 100-51200. It is capable of recording full HD 1080p and 720p videos at multiple frame rates up to 60fps. The camera is light weighing and easy to handle along with a battery life of 480 shots.

Presently there are over more than 12 color options available for Pentax K-S1