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Only one DX Mirrorless Lens in Nikon Road-Map till 2021, Are they Serious ?

I am really amazed to see Nikon DX Lens road-map. They have only one lens in the road-map for now and that’s really disappointing. If they really want to attract new users to their Mirrorless zone, they have a proper plan for that. So, if a new user accidentally buy’s up the new Nikon Z50 (B&H) camera and if then he/she need a wide-angle zoom, macro or portrait lens . Then the only option is to buy Nikon DX DSLR lens and a FTZ adapter, or buy Nikon Z FX Lenses, how horrible is that in 2020 or 2021 ?

Nikon Should include More DX Lenses to 2021 Roadmap

Being a professional shooter from past 14 years, I am really shocked to see the DX Lens Roadmap. If they are not willing to invest their time and money to new DX Mirrorless system, they why should we ? Nikon at least add a dedicated DX wide-angle zoom, Macro and a Portrait lens in 2021 roadmap.

Nikon Z50 is a Excellent Camera but it do need DX lens backup, do share your thoughts with us. Click here to see Nikon FullRoad Map of upcoming Mirrorless lenses.


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5 comments to Only one DX Mirrorless Lens in Nikon Road-Map till 2021, Are they Serious ?

  • bh

    It’s clear that DX line should be oriented to very low end only 🙁 Nikon preserves his FF sales ? But it can be big mistake as there are many people they want APS and not FF.

  • admin

    Agree, it took Nikon 12 years to introduce a DX prime lens 35mm F1.8 (2014). after Nikon D100 announcement back in 2002. But, now it’s not the same situation. People have more options and competition is more tough. They are making plans with 1990 mindset… wake up its 2020 and we have Sony and Fuji as your main competitor with amazing range of cameras.

  • James Burke

    The Z mount FX lenses are already light and very sharp, they will work beautifully on the DX cam while giving users upgrade flexibility. I would rather N focussed on completing the FX lineup first.

  • admin

    James at least they should show us the number of lenses they are planning for DX Mirrorless camera. Or if they don’t have time for DX they can share Z mount details with third party lens maker such as sigma and tamron to upscale the number of lenses as soon as possible.

  • Melvin

    This is exactly why I didnt buy Nikon Z50, although I really like it. Z FF lenses are too expensive for Z50 target customers. DX lenses and adapter will make the size bulkier.

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