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Firmware Update

Olympus TG-6 Coming Soon

We have told you a while ago before Japanese sources broke out information, that Olympus registered the IM015 camera. Now, we have more details of the camera. Take a look below

“Olympus’ IM015” has also been registered in Taiwan NCC. Wireless is Wi – Fi only (Bluetooth is not installed). The battery is “LI – 92B” (charger is “UC – 92” compatible). The USB terminal is Micro – B (AC cable “F – 5AC – 1”, USB cable “CB – USB 12” compatible). # Authentication information

From the details we have received from Japanese sources its look like Olympus is in the mood to announce next iteration of Olympus TG-5 camera. So, we will be having our brand new Olympus TG-6 camera very soon with a mid-core update in the core specs of the camera.

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7 comments to Olympus TG-6 Coming Soon

  • Dave Haynie

    The TG-5 is not quite two years old… another not-the-EM-5-Mark-III announcement. On the other hand, if they put a 1″ sensor in there, I’d be interested.

  • Odin

    The TG-6 will be another minor upgrade of a minor upgrade of a minor upgrade still using a tiny phone sensor. They will never use a 1″ sensor.

  • admin

    @Dave Haynie

    E-M5 Mark III announcement is also confirmed by Olympus

    IM015 is using LI – 92B battery, generally used for Olympus compacts camera.

  • admin


    They should use bigger sensor to improve better image quality.

  • Mohan

    The problem with the Olympus is pricing. Every model is getting to be more & more expensive than the previous models – at a time when mobile phone cameras are getting to be increasingly more popular.
    The battery LI-92B does not last as well as the earlier models (in the sense that the battery swells up).
    Olympus has also been very knifing in their updating of programs. Since about a year back, uploaded photos on Facebook all carry the words :”OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA”. I have raised this issue with Olympus Singapore, who claim that they have brought it to Japan’s attention BUT cannot solve the issue.
    So, each and every photograph that I upload onto Facebook, I have to individually delete the tag. I am sure, if it was in the US, a class action case would have been taken against Olympus – cheap dogs they are!!!

  • Andy Ingle

    Sorry the biggest problem I have is the battery life @3oC underwater, I really want a camera that can solve this. 🙁

  • BG Davis

    They really need to add an EVF. Too hard to see the rear screen on a bright day.

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