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Firmware Update

Olympus SH3 announced in Japan

Olympus SH3 image

Olympus SH3 announced in Japan today the camera wide-angle zoom lens the covers a wide range of 25-600mm, 24X optical zoom and built in 5 axis image stabilization. Olympus added new art filters and night capture scene mode.

Update: Even after one year of the SH3 announcement the SH3 remains Japan specific. The Olympus didn’t announced the SH3 globally. Will Update you soon as we get any new information.

Press Release

Olympus Corporation (President: Hiroyuki Sasa), the optical 24 times high-performance zoom lens, an optical ※ 1 to 5-axis image stabilization, “night scene capture mode” and premium design, equipped with a “Art Filter”, such as a variety of shooting functions the camera “OLYMPUS sTYLUS (stylus) SH-3”, will be released on February 26, 2016.

Overview of sale

Category Product name Suggested retail price Release date
Compact digital camera “OLYMPUS STYLUS SH-3” (Silver / Black) Open price February 26, 2016

Key Features

  1. Wide-angle 25mm ※ 2 from the super-telephoto 600mm ※ 2 of the optical 24 times high-performance zoom lens
  2. Optical suppress all blur powerful ※ 1 5-axis image stabilization
  3. Ideal for night scene shooting of 13 types to enhance the power of expression and the “night scene Capture mode”, “Art Filter”
  4. High-quality design that has been inherited from the “OLYMPUS PEN”
  5. It can be a variety of videos shot in the evolution “Advanced Movie mode”
※ 1 Optical blur correction is defined by the Camera & Imaging Products Association (CIPA) guidelines, including a sensor-shift
※ 2 35mm conversion

“OLYMPUS STYLUS SH-3” is a wide-angle 25mm optical 24 times high-performance zoom lens of from 2 to super-telephoto 600mm ※ 2, also in addition to the corresponding optical ※ 1 5-axis image stabilization in both still and movie, night scene reliably capture “night scene capture mode” and a variety of video features can take “Advanced movie mode”, such as a variety of shooting functions. From day-to-day record night view, to macro photography, and provides a high-quality in every scene. In addition, equipped with a “Art Filter” popular in our mirror-less interchangeable lens camera, you can also enjoy the artistic photographic expression. In addition, the high-quality design to share the world view of the mirror-less interchangeable lens camera “OLYMPUS PEN” adopted, joy with, has become a premium design camera can feel the joy of taking.

The main features of the details

1. wide-angle 25mm ※ 2 from the super-telephoto 600mm ※ 2 of the optical 24 times high-performance zoom lens

In order to increase the image quality in all areas of the super telephoto 600mm ※ 2 from the wide-angle 25mm ※ 2, including the ED lens to reduce the chromatic aberration, which is also used in the interchangeable lens for SLR, DSA lens, HD lens, high-performance glass materials such as EDA lens we are using luxury. Lens is driven to five groups all constituting, by mounting the mechanism for zooming and focusing more efficiently, various aberrations even less at high magnifications while high resolution, to achieve downsizing at the same time.
Equipped with a tele macro function get a close-up of 40cm on the subject at the telephoto range, also a difficult subject to approach, you can catch in the big up. In addition, it is also possible to highlight the subject blur larger background.

2. Optical suppress powerful all shake ※ 1 5-axis image stabilization

Typical of the compact camera image stabilization, before 傾後 inclination (pitch), but only a correction angle blurring of the two axes of the left and right rotation (yaw), in the “STYLUS SH-3”, of the Company’s mirror-less interchangeable lens camera flagship machine optical ※ 1 image stabilization mechanism of “OM-D E-M1” on the base, is equipped with an optical ※ 1 5-axis image stabilization corresponding to both still and movie. Not only angular blur of two axes, and the optical axis rotation shake about the central axis of the lens, by prone camera in macro photographing to correct the shift blur caused by moving up and down or left and right optically, a total of five suppressing the blur with a high degree of accuracy, it can have high-quality photography even shake-prone telephoto or when dark.
In addition, during the movie shooting, in addition to this optical ※ 1 5-axis image stabilization, it will be the hybrid image stabilization to perform electronic also of 5-axis correction. This makes a big shake a slow prone shooting while walking also, effectively corrected, its performance is comparable to the latest of the video camera. Also shooting from the shooting and swaying vehicle while chasing the children, it can have stable framing with a hand-held.

3. ideal for night scene shooting of 13 kinds to increase the “night scene capture mode” and power of expression “Art Filter”

“STYLUS SH-3” is, capturing the night scene with certainty and “night scene capture mode”, mirror-less interchangeable lens camera “OLYMPUS PEN”, such as “Art Filter” popular in the “OM-D”, variety to enhance the photographic expression it has a shooting function.

1) night scene capture mode
In the “night scene Capture mode”, you can select an appropriate mode for each of the night scene. Handheld shooting and night camera shake is a worry, starry sky, also corresponds to the exposure and shutter timing was difficult scene, such as fireworks, captures beautifully. Also, if you press the movie button when using “night scene Capture mode”, you can also shoot an optimized video gradation characteristics to night view.

  • Night Portrait
    Setting is suitable for the commemorative photo was in a dark background. If you shoot the flash on, and reproduce beautifully from the front of the person to the back of the night scene.
  • Night view
    Setting is suitable for shooting a night scene. To become a slower shutter speed than normal shooting, and shooting using a tripod. Bright and vivid image in order to also capture a lot of light in a dark situation.
  • Rocket
    This setting is suitable for taking pictures of the night sky of fireworks. Normally, when shooting fireworks, camera fine setting, but it is necessary, If you select this “fireworks” mode, the camera will perform the optimum shooting settings to automatically fireworks shooting. And secure to shoot the camera with a tripod.
  • Handheld Night
    A plurality copy high-speed communication with a single shutter, and generates a single picture by superimposing a high degree of accuracy. Also finish to reduce the vibrant night scene photos noise and camera shake dark part. By the synergistic effect of the high-speed shutter and high efficiency of the optical ※ 1 5-axis image stabilization, you can be taken in hand without using a tripod. Also, when taking a night scene and the person at the same time, and the image that was to fire the flash shooting brighten the front of the person, and automatic synthesis of the night view of the background, you can beautifully shoot both the person and the night view.
  • Live Composite
    Only bright changed portion from a plurality of images obtained by continuous shooting by a synthesized, can be expressed fireworks, a beautiful light trace, such as car headlights from the star of the diurnal motion. In addition, you can use the pen light also enjoy unique shooting, such as light art to write a light character. Shooting starts by pressing the shutter button, you can easily shoot while checking on the monitor the finish.

Art filter to enhance 2) representation force
“Art Filter” is highlighted more the image of the photographer, able to enjoy the artistic photographic expression, is our own shooting functions. Creative expression, you can also enjoy also the easy video still images. The “STYLUS SH-3” newly adds six kinds of art filter, it is equipped with all 13 types.

Six types of new art filter

  • Light Tone
    Shadow portion is also a highlight portion is also soft and depiction. It finishes in style shot with high-quality lighting.
  • Cross Process
    Reproduce the unexpected color producing positive film when developed in negative process digitally. To represent unstable and non-realistic atmosphere.
  • Gentle Sepia
    In tight shadows and calm contrast, it will finish in elegant sepia tone of the style that was moist.
  • Vintage
    Casual expressed in nostalgic everyday landscape, and produce to the “special one that has passed through the time”.
  • Lee New Clair
    To emphasize the edge line, adds the illustrations taste in the photo.
  • Watercolor
    Boldly remove the dark, and rub the faint bright colors on a white canvas, it puts a further soft contours, to represent the world of bright atmosphere and Honwari.

4. high-quality design that has been inherited from the “OLYMPUS PEN”

To pursue the sense of quality worthy of the name of premium design camera, we share the world view of the mirror-less single-lens camera that is well received “OLYMPUS PEN”. Use the aluminum alloy on the upper surface portion and the main operation section, is finished so as to be matched metal feeling to the body color. In the mirror frame and surrounding the base portion of the lens, and the construction of the diamond cutting, to the front body, it has adopted a synthetic leather of strong and supple material. In addition, the mode dial of shaving, knurled iris-like for the sake of non-slip, add more diamond cut, such as adjust to the shape to fit the finger to increase the more contact surface, a structure that was stuck in the details you have. Similarly “OLYMPUS PEN”, men and women, regardless of age, is a high-quality finish that satisfy a wide range of user layer.
To increase the hold of the operation surface, the front surface of the body, in any rear features a grip. Because you are a better fit as a design on the finger, you can set up also firmly in telephoto shooting. For the strap attachment portion and both the suspension type can be used “OLYMPUS PEN” series strap (sold separately), or you can also enjoy styling to suit their own preferences.
Body color is two colors of black silver feel the camera likeness in the classical, is monotone engender a sense of luxury. By attaching the special body jacket (sold separately), you can enjoy total coordination combined with fashion.

5. can be a variety of videos shot in the evolution “Advanced Movie mode”

To “Advanced movie mode”, newly joined by 4K of shooting functions, now it is selected from a total of five types. In addition, because it is provided with the “Advanced Movie Mode” to the mode dial, you can call easily at the touch of a button.

  • 4K movie
    4K movie of 15fps can now be taken. Obtained four times the resolution of full HD, high-definition recording can be done to detail. Also leaving the clear, such as the majestic landscape, is also ideal for viewing on a large screen.
  • Full HD 60P movie ※ 3
    60fps is available full high-definition shooting of. Such as the fast-moving sports scene, you can do a natural and smooth movie shooting. If you want to reduce the file size, it can be switched to 30P.
  • Time-lapse movie 3 ※ 4
    Blossoming flowers, the flow of people, such as can be the fixed-point observation movement of clouds, the time-lapse movie featured. When shooting is set to between 5 minutes to 5 hours shooting time, and record as a movie that was shortened it to 20 seconds. In addition, you can also add the effect of Art filters and picture mode. Furthermore dark corresponding to the scene “night view time-lapse movie ※ 5″ is also equipped with, also more shooting in high-quality, such as the movement of the stars and the moon.
  • Photo in movie ※ 3
    During the recording in full HD, high-quality photos of the full pixel (16 million pixels) can also be taken at the same time. You can not re-take, such as recital performances and athletic meet of the competition scene also firmly left in the simultaneous recording.
  • Highest 240fps high-speed movie ※ 6
    240fps (HVGA: 432 x 324), 120fps: You can shoot a high-speed movie ※ 6 of (HD 1280 x 720). Instantaneous movement is also possible to take shots at the sharp movie. You can check the movement of the moment in slow motion during playback.

Other Features

  • To focus when you touch the subject you want to take on the monitor, the shutter is released at the same time, “Touch AF Shutter”
  • In cooperation with the built-in Wi-Fi ※ 7 and apps “OI.Share”, the image transfer to the smartphone, allows remote shooting
  • AC adapter that can shoot while the power supply with the rapid charge “F-5AC” the bundled
  • Corresponding to the suitable for work making “RAW” shooting
※ 3 Video shooting 1080 60p / 1080p / 720p is 29 minutes or file will end automatically taken when it comes to 4GB of shooting video in any other setting, recording stops automatically when the file is 4GB
※ 4 1080P, 720P, and record up to full HD30fps that you can select from VGA
※Five During the time-lapse movie shooting, the shooting scene is dark, automatically switches to “night view time-lapse movie.”
※ 6 Recording time at one time is limited to 20 seconds
※ 7 Wi-Fi is a registered trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance

Optional group of accessories

Leather body jacket “CSCH-120”

And practicality to protect the camera, luxury, (also used for the “SH-2” possible) combines fashion “STYLUS SH-3” for a body jacket. To reduce the scratches to the camera when carrying by mounting. In addition, it has become the opening and closing is possible design of the connector cover even if you are still attached to the camera. Has adopted the same leather material as the “OLYMPUS PEN” series of body jacket, you can enjoy coordination with this leather shoulder strap “CSS-S109LLⅡ” and genuine leather hand strap “CSS-S110LS”. The color is black, two colors of light brown.

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