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Firmware Update

Olympus Registered Flash, Wireless Commander and Receiver

Well Olympus is the only company right now which is limited to Mirrorless M4/3 format only, we all know Olympus E-M1 Mark II camera claims to have 6.5 stops of image stabilization that clearly means you can use this camera to capture handheld long-exposure night shots. Now, in an recent interview Olympus  representatives also said that they are working to push image stabilization limit further more.

Recent rumors also suggest that Olympus is working on a Olympus E-M1X camera which have features somehow similar to Fuji X-T 3 camera. BTW, the specs of the camera not known yet.

Olympus Camera, Flash, Commander and Receiver

Just few days ago Olympus registered a new camera (model code IM010), We are getting some conflicting information related to registered model. Either it may be Olympus E-M5 Mark III camera and or may be Olympus E-M1X camera.

  •  Digital Camera IM010
  • Olympus’ unpublished flash ‘ IM011 ‘ is registered with overseas certification bodies
  • Register Wireless Commander ” IM012 ” and
  • Wireless Receiver ” IM013 “

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3 comments to Olympus Registered Flash, Wireless Commander and Receiver

  • The best IS of any
    That’s why Sony and Panasonic license it.
    Fact is, it is difficult to both live AND cool a sensor at the same time.

    This is why “full” marketing frame (FMF) can never compete in IS stakes – ever.

    Fact: Any movement or cooling you can do for a larger sensor, you can do BETTER with a smaller one.

    See results at website ..

  • Stella

    Is Olympus still getting profit from their camera system ? I don’t think so

  • Dave Haynie

    Olynmpus had stated at one point that 6.5 stops was the limit, based on the movement of the earth or something like that. Perhaps they’ve reconsidered.

    In truth, even without the IS lenses, I do better than 6.5 stops sometimes. I have shot 2 second handheld exposured with the 75mm f/1.8 lens and my Pen F, for example. Ok, sure, it’s a much lower hit-rate to have a sharp shot, but it’s possible. That’s like what, about 9 stops…

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