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Olympus Fullframe 28mm F1.4 Mirrorless Lens Patent

We have published Olympus 24mm F1.4 lens patent few days ago, we also published 28mm F2 article a while ago related to the same. Take a look at the new patent surfaced over the web today of 28mm F1.4 Mirrorless Fullframe Lens.

Olympus Fullframe mirrorless patent information

The patent was filed on 2014.12.10 and awarded on 2016.6.20. 

It’s very clear that Olympus is seriously involved on developing fullframe mirrorless system cameras from 2014, We may expect a major product or development announcement this Photokina 2016.


The funny image below is created by our staff member trying to figure out the type of Olympus FF Mirrorless may arrive in near future.

Olympus Fullframe camera

Olympus Fullframe Camera Creative image

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source – egami

6 comments to Olympus Fullframe 28mm F1.4 Mirrorless Lens Patent

  • Quentin

    It’s most likely to be (in my opinion) a full frame Olympus Trip.
    They followed the body style of the PEN F very closely, to much admiration from reviewers.
    I think there is a good chance they’ll do the same for the Trip (with a million sales in its history).
    I would certainly buy one, having loved the Trip in the past.
    In the UK, the Trip advertising phrase: “Who do you think you are? David Bailey?” is known by everyone.
    Olympus would be foolish not to exploit the existing Trip (full frame) film camera; the design, the catch-phrases and all the affection for it.

  • Setlla

    Lovely fullframe camera, Just like my PEN F

  • Mike Menon

    The future of Olympus looks not so sure due to the enroumeus amount of competition.

    The best thing they are doing is moving forward, in right direction.

  • 9Noi

    I really wish Oly put the FF on body similar to OMD-EM1. I absolutely buy one for sure.

  • Full marketing frame is not an “answer”.

    It is merely a question.
    “WHY?” is the answer.

    Legacy format zealots and pixel peepers who won’t buy anyway, there’s SO little to be gained for SO much money.

    Olympus miniaturised the 35mm SLR and ALL others copied the design. Marketing is not leadership.

  • David B Haynie

    Olympus has been designing lenses for other companies, Sony in particular. They are still going to file the patents. Sony in particular was never an optics company. So they have Olympus and possibly others designing Sony branded lenses, Zeiss developing the co-branded lenses.

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