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Olympus E-M1X Price $3000 [Rumor]

According to to latest rumors Olympus E-M1X is already on hand of professional shooters  and they’re really impressed with the performance of the camera. Take a look at the Major details below

Olympus E-M1X More Details Leaked

  1. The Price of the camera is approx $3000
  2. Ergonomics of camera is really impressive
  3. Better sensor and Image stabilizer performance than E-M1 Mark II
  4. 3 Different types of High Resolution Mode.
  5. USB CHarging / Fast charging
  6. charger charges the battery extremely fast

Now the most important line “But the best will be the extremely high data transfer rate when transferring live data to a server over the air.

Does that mean the camera feature some sort of server connectivity option or directly upload images to cloud storage. We can’t comment on this part right now,. We will update you soon as we get any new set of core specs about the camera.

The price of the camera is really very high and not so feasible for current market situation.

Olympus E-M1X Coming on January 2019

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4 comments to Olympus E-M1X Price $3000 [Rumor]

  • Alliumnsk

    I’m afraid Olympus has got FF MILC disease too….

  • Stella

    Is it a Fullframe camera ? Why the hell anyone will pay $3K for a 2X Smaller sensor than Sony A7II camera which is available at $998

  • @Stella: “hell”, I’m with you. They write “better sensor than EM1 Mk II”; this means: not as good as state-of-the-art APS-C (Fuji, Sony 6500).
    No one will, of course. That’s why new_camera comments: “The price of the camera is really very high and not so feasible for current market situation.”
    For FF MILK (desease) the price would be reasonable.
    So I firmly believe:
    *** micro 4/3
    *** professional grade camera

  • E

    I wonder why under every single post about this rumored olympus camera someone complains about not being fullfrme, and how this is a bad deal because fullframeis cheaper.
    The web is full of posts about fullframe mirrorless cameras to comment, simply go ahead. This camera is not for you.
    This camera is for who thinks MFT is a professional system with many strenghts over fullframe.

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