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Olympus E-M1X Camera Coming on January 2019

According to latest rumors Olympus E-M1X camera is rumored to arrive in Early 2019, probably on first month of 2019. According to the sources of trusted rumor mill the early prototypes of the camera features class leading core specification, even better than Fuji X-T3 Mirrorless camera.

Take this rumor with grain of salt, since we are not having any specs or images right now. Even the highly trusted Japanese sources are silent. So, its really hard to believe this rumor is true for now.

We will update you soon as we get any new information.

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5 comments to Olympus E-M1X Camera Coming on January 2019

  • Yogi Mik

    Don’t believe the hype . . . I’m sure, it’s not going to be as good as Fuji X-T3, or better. They just want to focus an attention. That’s all.

  • Core specification is not only about dynamic range, but also MPix count, size of EVF, size of LCD screen, IBIS(!), number of AF points, fastest shutter speed (X-T3: 1/32,000sec), number of frames per second, number of filmsimulations, … 😉

  • Teodore

    You copied/pasted an article with speculations. It is a joke claiming that a m43 sensor will greatly outperform a top APS-C camera.

  • admin

    It’s better to announce E-M5 successor instead of announcing flagship camera.

  • Odin

    Please make it APS-C sensor, 26MP, and introduce a 150-600 f/5.6. m4/3 is a dead end technology, even Panasonic knows it now. Olympus’ sales are tanking badly. E-M1 II costs same as A7III and Z6,.

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