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No Panasonic GX8 Coming?


Panasonic officially discontinued the Panasonic GX7 camera today, according to recent rumors there will be no GX8 coming and Panasonic is shutting down the GX series line-up, however we are not confirmed yet, it is also possible that we may see GX8 camera on September 2014.

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3 comments to No Panasonic GX8 Coming?

  • Siz

    Shame if no there will be no GX7 replacement. Great little camera.

    I can understand if the Panasonic exec are wanting to reign in their imaging department after the savaging of some camera sectors by the smartphone onslaught,. But don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.!

  • Anoop

    It is sad to see GX7 discontinued. It should have been sold around 700usd. The GX7 update would have been the best good looking and functional mirrorless in M43 land. Really love the design and joy of shooting with GX7

  • bg davis

    Discontinued? As of today, 12/6/2014, it is still for sale on the Panasonic website.

    They are asking $799, which is about $100 more than B&H or Amazon. Plus B&H was giving a $100 gift certificate.

    So if they are discontinuing, it is taking a long time to do so.

    Love mine, and hope they continue to upgrade (weather sealing, perhaps). If only someone would figure out how to dissipate heat from 4k video in a small body. Wouldn’t a GXx with 4k video be something?

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