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Nikon Z6 at DXO Mark Lab

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Finally Nikon Z6 camera reached at Nikon Z6 DXO Mark Lab, the Nikon Z6 is the best camera in Nikon with 24MP APS-C Sensor in Nikon line-up. As you can see the Nikon Z6 camera is sitting just below the Sony A7 III camera in ranking.

Take a look what DXO Mark lab reviewers said about test

With the introduction of the mirrorless Z 6, Nikon has adopted one of the best-performing full-frame 24 MP BSI-CMOS sensors. At base ISO, it has very good color and a wide dynamic range; additionally, the sensor has outstanding dynamic range at mid-ISO settings, and has particularly good low-light performance at high ISOs.

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source DXOlab

2 comments to Nikon Z6 at DXO Mark Lab

  • I.Muñoz-Seca

    Canon, if we are not at the head of this selection it is simply that we do not have CMOS technology backlit. While all the competition navigates with BSI sensors of the 21st century, we follow, continue, tied to the conventional CMOS of the previous century. By when can we see and reflect the LIGHT at its maximum splendor?

    Canon, si no estamos a la cabeza de esta selección es sencillamente que no disponemos de tecnología Cmos retroiluminada. Mientras toda la competencia navega con sensores BSI del siglo XXI, nosotros seguimos, seguimos, atados a los Cmos convencionales del siglo anterior. Para cuándo podremos ver y reflejar la LUZ en su máximo esplendor¿?.

  • Pi

    Z6 is the best camera in Nikon with 24MP APS-C Sensor

    Isn’t it FF??

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