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Firmware Update

Nikon Z6 Mirrorless Camera Support DUAL IS [Lens VR + Sensor IS]

I was really amazed to see with the help of FTZ adapter the Nikon Z6 camera was working in collaboration with Nikon VR (Optical Image stabilization) system. After activating the Lens based VR the overall image stabilization of the camera unexpectedly improved, you can see for yourself.

Nikon Should Add VR to S-Line of lenses

After watching this video I recommend and hope that Nikon will soon add VR (Vibration reduction) tech to their future S-Line of lenses. Since, the camera they have made support DUAL IS feature. The Nikon Z6 and Nikon Z7 share same Image stabilization module inside, so there is no doubt that Nikon Z7 will also work in collaboration with VR lenses.

Do share your thoughts with us

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6 comments to Nikon Z6 and Z7 Mirrorless Camera Support DUAL IS [Lens VR + Sensor IS]

  • Paul

    Is it me or there’s a weird fluctuation/distortion of the image once the IBIS “kicks in” with the 200mm?

  • you got it wrong my friend. it will be maximum 5 stops. So with the S lenses it will be 5 stop. and with AF-s lens with VR, it will be 3 stops + 2 stops = 5 stops. So no need to put VR to S lenses and make it bulkier. If they can they will improve the IBIS in the body to get more stops of stabilization in future.

  • admin

    @Paul it is.

  • admin

    @Bijan K Choudhury

    I agree with your views, you are correct based on the set of rules we have. And even that’s why Nikon decided to keep out VR out of S line of lenses.

    But what we are seeing right now in the video above ?

    The VR inside the lens made the entire footage more stabilized.

  • Mike

    Excellent find, these DSLR makers are in hurry to announce new mirrorless camera without sufficient R&D. BTW, Nikon engineers are working in Sensor based IS on DSLRs… I have emailed you details check them out.

  • stella

    Mike Kindly share more details with us…

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