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Nikon Z1 Leaked Images, Announcement Soon

Whoa, Finally we have the images of the upcoming Nikon Z1 entry level Mirrorless camera. So, Canon EOS RP is finally getting a new Strong competitor after the Sony A7 II camera. It’s really interesting to see what features coming along with the super affordable Nikon Z1 fullframe mirrorless camera.

Btw, instead of updating their super-outdated 5 year old Nikon D610 camera, they will be soon introducing the new Nikon Z1 camera. It’s a clear effort to switch the DSLR consumer base to mirrorless.

Nikon Z1 Entry Level Mirrorless

I do believe the Nikon Z1 do have the potential to become the best entry level Miroroless camera of 2019. When we talk about price and specs ratio, unlike Canon, Nikon never puts any forced limitation in it’s camera so I am expecting a 24 MP Hybrid senor, Built-in 5axis IS and 4K 30p without N-Log support. If all these features arrive at EOS RP price range, despite of being a Canon user I will buy this camera to support Nikon.

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7 comments to Nikon Z1 Leaked Images, Announcement Soon

  • Stephen

    Looks photoshopped to me. Lots of inconsistencies with the Z6/7 branding style. Still, I’m looking forward to a more affordable Z series.

  • Howard

    C’mon, Admin. You’re speculating that the Z1 will be the Best Entry-Level Camera of 2019 before you even lay fingers on it? The first model in every new Nikon line tends to be buggy. And what does a camera have to do to be the “best”?

    Note that every new Nikon mount abandons many of the Nikon lenses you may already own. Attaching some of your old lenses can even void a warranty or destroy a body. If you bought a new Z6 or Z7 with Nikon adapter, many of your relatively-new F-mount lenses will lose functionality, precision or focusing speed.

    Meanwhile, the new Canon EOS R and EOS RP come with 3 optional adapters that get full performance out of any Canon EF lens manufactured in the last 31 years. They even ADD functionality. And if you don’t mind getting a cropped image, you can even attach any of the Canon EF-S crop-sensor lenses. They’ll fit and they’re fully functional.

    Will buyers like the camera as it ages? Note that new Nikons don’t hold their value nearly as well as Canons do. For example, B&H will give you TWICE AS MUCH for a 7-year-old Canon 5D Mark III as for a Nikon D800 — even though they cost about the same originally.

    Oh…and “forced limitations”? If you don’t have any of those in a Z1, why would you buy a Z6? It costs money to add N-log support. We should expect to pay for it.

  • Viktor

    Already rumoured elsewhere are lack of IBIS and downgraded EVF. I doubt the best entry-level camera of 2019 can be sans IBIS.

  • Alan

    According to Camera Jabber:
    “We’ve had a bit more clarity on this story and the source of the image. Mirrorless Rumors and its commenters have helped fill in the gaps.

    In short, this is a real image of a real Nikon Z1 entry-level full-frame camera mock-up, but as far as anyone knows there is no Nikon Z1 in the production pipeline.

    It appears this mock-up was a design prototype which eventually led to the Nikon Z6 and Z7.”

  • admin

    I am just saying about If the camera have those features (mentioned in the post), then Z1 do have the potential to become the best entry level Miroroless camera of 2019.

  • admin


    Thanks Alan for the update

  • Odin

    What happened to my post from yesterday? First your site exhibiting malware behaviour in Chrome now you delete posts for no reason.

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