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Nikon Z Noct Nikkor 58mm F0.95 lens Official Announcement Soon

Nikon F095 lens


TNC exclusive Nikon Z Noct Nikkor 58mm F0.95 lens Official Announcement Soon, Nikon Z Noct Nikkor 58mm F0.95 lens already in the hands of reviewers/ youtubers  out there for creating reviews. Nikon worlwide websites also updated their page with F0.95 lens in the list of Mirrorless lenses section.

More about the lens

Fast, manual-focus lens delivering superb point-image reproduction and elaborate rendering with f/0.95 maximum aperture

With over a century’s wealth of optical expertise, NIKKOR lenses are renowned for its optimal performance and precision with light. Amongst the vast range of NIKKOR lenses available through the years, the Noct range blazingly stands out as it is specifically crafted for night photography. The first Noct was the brightest lens with a magnificent point-image reproduction capability at an f/1.2 maximum aperture. Putting together that very DNA in a compelling combination of breakthrough engineering, passionate commitment, and meticulous craftsmanship, NIKKOR introduces the latest NIKKOR Z 58mm f/0.95 S Noct.

This new Noct has the highest performing rendering performance in NIKKOR to produce exquisitely detailed point-image reproduction, flawless high resolution, and pleasing bokeh at its maximum aperture. Crafted with new glass elements and ARNEO coat, the NIKKOR Z 58mm f/0.95 S Noct is NIKKOR’s answer of reinventing optical performance, redefining perfection and setting a new benchmark.

Nikon 58mm  F.95 Lens Features Explained / Press text

The Noct Nikkor 58mm f/1.2 released in 1977 was at that time highly evaluated as a lens that finely reproduced point light sources as point images. While further evolving the design concept of that original Noct Nikkor, Nikon created a new Noct featuring f/0.95 maximum aperture that delivers new-dimensional rendering performance, thanks to a new mount system providing a much larger amount of light and improved flexibility in lens design. Besides the inherited superior point-image reproduction of point light sources, the new Noct achieves outstanding resolving power from the maximum aperture by intensively compensating the various aberrations that are usually noticeable with fast lenses. Also, utilizing an optical design in pursuit of possibilities for bokeh effects, an optimum continuity of bokeh that gently transforms from the sharply focused plane is realized. As the highest-grade, symbolic lens in the NIKKOR Z series that concentrates Nikon’s renowned technologies, this lens provides an exquisite balance of resolution and bokeh, creating attractive, unprecedented spatial expression while delivering an impressive sense of depth.

The new Noct realizes the utmost optical performance, delivering outstanding resolution and bokeh characteristics from the f/0.95 maximum aperture that only NIKKOR lenses provide. In portrait and landscape shooting, even fine details can be captured with superb rendering performance that achieves extremely sharp resolution and high contrast. Also, because of an optical design that pursues greater possibilities for bokeh characteristics, an ideally smooth transition of bokeh from the focused plane is attained. Even for situations where the distance between the main subject and the background is insufficient, due to the reproduction of both an extremely sharp focus plane enabled by the shallow depth of field provided with the large aperture, and elaborate bokeh, images that impressively emphasize the subject with a greater sense of depth can be reproduced.

The Noct Nikkor name was derived from the word “Nocturne”. Inheriting the basic concept of the original lens, this new Noct provides the highest point-image reproduction capability of point light sources among NIKKOR lenses across the entire frame, even with the aperture set at the maximum f/0.95. Shooting point light sources using a general fast lens at the maximum aperture will usually produce noticeable sagittal coma flare, an aberration where a point image forms a conspicuous image resembling a bird spreading its wings. With the Noct, causes of sagittal coma flare are intensively eliminated across the entire frame. As a result, point light sources are reproduced as point images even at the peripheries, for clear and crisp night landscapes and astronomical shots.

In order to attain the very finest optical performance among the NIKKOR lens lineup, the NIKKOR Z 58mm f/0.95 S Noct newly adopts a highly accurate, large-diameter ground aspherical lens element. While achieving higher surface accuracy, glass material with a high refractive index that was previously considered difficult to employ for molded-glass aspherical lenses is utilized to effectively compensate various lens aberrations with improved corrective capability. Also, the spherical lens elements incorporated in this lens are made using glass of outstandingly high quality and surface accuracy.

ARNEO Coat that provides anti-reflection performance almost equivalent to that of Nano Crystal Coat for incident light reaching the lens surface from a vertical direction is adopted. This multi-layer lens coating system realizes ultra-low reflectance stably over the entire visible light range due to high-density, uniform coating layer thickness. Thanks to Nikon’s original thin layer manufacturing technology with an optimized algorithm, reflectance much closer to design values can be achieved for every lens with consistent quality. Together with Nano Crystal Coat that is specifically effective for incident light from a diagonal direction, ARNEO Coat ensures the capture of clear and crisp images with minimal ghost and flare effects across a wide variety of backlit situations that are normally troublesome to deal with.

To achieve an outstanding exterior design projecting a sense of high quality that is suitable for such a symbolic lens, a silver-colored line, lens information panel and inscription of the Noct name are featured on the lens barrel, and every exterior part is finished with metal cutting work. In addition to its refined exterior design, this lens also provides superior practicality in pursuit of precision feel and excellent operability. The high-precision focus ring enables accurate manual focusing with appropriate torque and a large rotation angle even for the shallow depth of field delivered with f/0.95 that usually makes it difficult to achieve focus, and is ideal for both still and movie shooting. Comfortable shooting operation is also ensured with the newly adopted control ring to which functions such as aperture setting and exposure compensation are assigned. The inside of the lens hood is felt-lined, delivering clear rendering by effectively preventing light reflection inside the hood.

Lens information panel that enables confirmation of aperture, focus distance and depth of field without looking into the viewfinder is incorporated, a first for NIKKOR lenses. The number of functions that can be assigned to the lens Fn button has been increased to match those of the Fn1/Fn2 buttons on the camera body. An electromagnetic diaphragm mechanism is incorporated that provides accurate diaphragm control for stable aperture control even during continuous shooting. Fluorine coat that ensures easy removal of dust and dirt even when they adhere to the lens surface is applied to the front element for enhanced antifouling performance. These features all add up to assure worry-free, comfortable shooting
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