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Firmware Update

Nikon Working to Speed up the Mirror flip-up Speed

Nikon is working to improve the mirror flip up speed. As we all know that DSLR uses flip-up mirror mechanism while capturing images burst shots, but somehow the speed of the overall system needs to be improved to compete against Canon DSLRs and Sony FF Mirrorles series.

One more thing before we begain, let me tell you that the patents are published in Japanese language and we read them after machine translation, so it might happen that we miss some details..

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To make a rotating mirror quickly halt at an advancement position.SOLUTION: A mirror unit includes: a mirror member that is supported rotatably between an advancement position and a retreat position; a drive lever that drives the mirror member; an urging member that is provided in the drive lever, urges the mirror member toward the advancement position, and sandwichedly holding a part of the mirror member between the driving lever and the urging member to thereby drive the mirror member to the advancement position together with the driving lever; and a cam member that has a cam surface pressing the drive lever, and causes a generation of drive force making the mirror member rotate from the advancement position to the retreat position in the drive lever. The cam surface has a profile in which the drive lever is spaced apart from the cam member during a period until the mirror member moves from the retreat position to the advancement position and when the mirror member urged by the urging member abuts on the drive lever.

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3 comments to Nikon Working to Speed up the Mirror flip-up Speed

  • Rainer

    I am a dinosaur, having used SLRs and DSLRs since long.
    Owning a Fujifilm X-T2 and a Canon EOS 60D, I prefer the OVF because of resolution and brightness.
    I am not a supporter of the YouSeeIsWhatYouGet thing, because with DSLR you can easily depend on the autoexposure of the cam, if there is some doubt, just do bracketing; or adding +1 in snow environment.
    But for sure the mirror is at its very edge now and for sports photography or “high burst”, anyone would prefer a Sony A9. (I don’t own one, so I don’t know about it’s viewfinder lag; with the Samsung NX1 it was an issue quite often.)
    For discrete photography, mirrorless is also in advantage (silent electronic shutter).
    For portrait photography, using face recognition or eye recognition as offered by mirrorless cams is a major plus.
    The benefits on the mirrorless side seem to be overwhelming.
    Did I mention I nevertheless enjoy using my old reliable 60D – nearly 120.000 frames right now!?

  • Reader

    “Fasten” in English means to attach, not to make faster. “Speed up” means to make go faster.

  • Faster is fine but creativity rules… give me the fully articulated LCD!

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